Friday, December 30, 2016

Slap yo' granny...

First things first, this post is not about assault.  I do not want anyone to read this and think that I am telling you to go and slap yo' granny!  This is just a silly saying that I just happened to pick up from my MamMaw (who was a granny).  Whenever she made something super delicious, she would tell me, "it is so good that it will make you go and slap yo' granny!"  Her other saying that would be used in this instance was... "jump back Loretta".  Y'all, I do not know who Loretta was, but my MamMaw was always telling her to jump back!  Anyways, I slaved over dinner tonight.
this is pretty much what I looked like while slavin' away at the stovetop
Okay really, man friend got it all started for me, and I just did the stirring and the serving.  My children were not interested in the meal, because they will not eat anything but catsup, chicken nuggets, and fruit, so this meal has notta one of those things in it.  Friends, they are missing out!  This meal was soooooo good!  It would make you wanna slap yo self and your granny, and then make you wanna change your name to Loretta and then jump on back!  Just thought I would share.  I would have taken a picture of the meal, but I was more into eating it.  You be the judge!!
Slow Cooker Cajun Chicken Alfredo...
Don't let the name fool ya, slow cooker??  Wha?  I saw it said slow cooker, but it was 5 p.m. when I was needing to start cooking...
so slow cooker (ain't nobody got time for that)!
Here is what you need...
recipe says 4-6 chicken breasts (but I had a rotisserie chicken, so that is what was used)
Cajun seasoning (we use Tony's)
butter (love me some butter, a lil less than 1/2 a stick, you can be the judge, I wanted to use more, but man friend was standing there next to me and I thought he would judge me if I used more)
green bell pepper
red bell pepper
heavy cream (2 cups)
lemon pepper (had no idea this stuff came in a lemon flavor)
basil (I used some from a lil jar)
salt (a lil shakey shakey)
garlic powder (a lil shakey shakey)
garlic (just because I like it, I gave it about 1/2 a spoon full)
black pepper
box of penne noodles

Shred up your chicken, throw it in a skillet with some Pam
add the Tony's Cajun seasoning... cause it is delicious.
This is where I added butter (because I did not believe that man friend sprayed the pan down)
add the chopped up peppers
cook it up for a bit
pour in the 2 cups of heavy cream and add a lil bit of shakey shakeys from the seasonings and some garlic.
Forgot to mention, you should be boiling those noodles.
Bring that yum stuff to a boil, then turn it down.  It will get a lil thick.
Add your cooked noodles to the yum stuff, coat 'em up, serve 'um up, enjoy!
If you try a bite and do not feel like you could serve this dish up at the Olive Garden, then you messed up at some point and should just start over!

This will for sure be made again in our house!  We loved it!!

Enough with my recipe, I am not trying to become a cooking blog!

Before all of the feasting, we had a good day.  I had to go to work (no bueno... that is Spanish for no good).  I was very lucky to only have to work until noon!  While I was working away, Aron was at home with the kids.  They had such a fun morning.
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel (so jealous)!

Then a trip to Cabela's.
After that he took them to High Rise, a place that is just one big American Ninja Warrior training ground for children (and adults)!
Later, I met them for lunch, and the rest of the day was spent at home.  It has been the most perfect start to the holiday weekend.  Tomorrow, we will hopefully go to the movies.  We had been planning for weeks to take the kids to the new Star Wars movie, but today they let us know they want to go and see Sing....
ummmm, that was our my face!
Seriously, Sing?
Who are these children?  It just hurt my heart.  I thought we shared the same love for movies, and now they throw it all away for musical animals.  So, we really are unsure of what we will get to watch... well, I told Aron he could take the kids to Sing, and they could come back for me later.  (he was not down for that idea)
I guess I am signing off, we are watching The Revenant... y'all, the bear scene is so terrifying!  Aron is not allowed to go hunting ever again!!

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