Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve...

I know y'all are thinking I bet that Caryn has some amazing fabulous plans on New Year's Eve.  She probably gets all fancied up, glues on her fake eyelashes, wears her best push up bra, drinks the bubbly, and goes on a hot date with the man friend!  Then after the crazy night of clinking glasses and smooching at midnight I come home to a clean house and two sleeping little people (that even had a shower and brushed their teeth)!
Ha!  Nope!
None of that is happening tonight!
In fact, I am sitting in the bed (yes, already sitting in the bed), in my best yoga pants (that have never been used for yoga), no bra (sorry if that is too much info for the 10s, but it is true... and let's be honest I do not have a push up bra (what am I trying to do get a boyfriend??), my fancy hair is in braids (yes, plural, I am obvi channeling my inner 6 year old), and I am watching the latest Bridget Jones Diary movie (the one with McDreamy... I love him so, even when he was the lawn boy).  The man friend is making us dinner, and it smells delish (it might smell better because I am not having to make it... this makes it one of my most favorite meals!
The day has been good.
We took the kids to the movies (not Star Wars) but we did enjoy watching Sing!  Y'all, it was so good!  The music was too fun and the kids loved it!  So, it was an afternoon well spent!  After that, Sophia and I went on a quick visit to see our Honey (momma) and Kitty (my sister) and later to see our Moss (name for grandmother) and Ella (my Aunt Cathy).  Sorry for all of the translations, I am noticing that all of my people go by different names... no one can just be a MawMaw or Aunt So And So (what can I say, we like to do things a bit different).  Anyways, it was fun to get out with my Red, have some ice cream, and some girl talk.
I have kind of been sitting here in the bed for an hour (man friend might disagree and say it is closer to 2, but I did not ask him)!  Tonight will just be low key for us.  The days are long gone of us going out and staying up until midnight... that does not sound like fun to me at all!  I am quite happy sitting here with the kids, having a very late dinner, and watching a movie.  No place I would rather be!
Happy New Year's Eve to you!!

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