Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Party is Over...

I just cannot believe it!  I am sitting here in a quiet house on Christmas night.  I spend about two months preparing for this day, and just like that it is over!  The day always goes by so quickly, but oh what fun we have had!  The past week has been filled with family, food (so much food), and fun (those are some of my favorite "f" words)!  I took about 300 pictures (just this morning), and I know it would take 5 blog entries to cover every single happy moment... so tonight I will just share a few highlights of the past week!
Our Christmas week began with a visit from my cousin Mary!  She traveled from New Orleans to spend a few days with us, and we were thrilled to see her.  She is getting married this next year, so it was so much fun to catch up and hear all about wedding plans!  We are all so excited for her.  This is Mary (see below) with the aunts and the Moss.
 This may look like a cutesy picture of daddy with his girls, but it took about 10 takes for this one picture!  We are such daddy's girls.  Some of my sweetest moments this week were just sitting in the tv room with him watching silly movies or driving around town listenin' to rap music (yes, we are both fans... I know, it is hard to believe).
 Talk about excitement this week!  My uncles Robert and Richard came for a quick visit. We had not seen them in 5 years!  This trip was long over due and we soaked up every moment with them!
 On Friday, the kids wrote letters to Santa and we made the trip to go and see him!
 We love any reason to take a funny picture!  Here is the crew all in their antlers and hats!
My Red...
 My Aunt Cathy and Daddy dancing before dinner (don't y'all dance a bit before you eat?)
 My boys
 The girls on Christmas Eve.
 Christmas Eve Eve with Aunt Lauren and Moss!  She also made the quick trip to come and visit!
 All I can say is that my sister is cute and I need concealer!  I am lookin' a lil bit tired!
 Me and my little
 Family picture before Robert and Richard leave (insert sad face emoji)!
 Seeing this picture makes me miss my PapPaw even more... my uncle is reminding me more and more of him.
 Me and Moss (Moss = grandmother)

 Brayden was given a light saber for Christmas.  It.  Is.. So.. AWESOME!  It sounds like the ones from the Star Wars movie, and Brayden is over the moon about it!  Uncle Richard, Aunt Kitty, and Uncle Jason sure do know how to shop for their Bray!
 My Uncle David and Brayden (we sure do love him, can you tell)!
 Daddy with his boys
 This was taken last night, and it was so late.  Sophia was winding down, and ready to go home and get ready for Santa.  She just looked so sweet to me sitting at the piano.
 Katie and Richard on Christmas morning.
 Tonight we went to my SILs for enchiladas!  So yummy and we had the best time playing games and talking.  I love my people.
 Aron and LeAnne
 I love them.
Me and my man friend.
Such a fun week, and I just cannot believe it is coming to an end.  Tomorrow, hopefully, we will sleep in until 6 (assuming the kids cooperate) and hang out at the house.  As usual I am knee deep in laundry and need to fold all of the clean stuff sitting in the floor... or maybe I will just put together a Lego Star Wars space cruiser (its 500 pieces so that could take all day) or possibly help Sophia put together her new fairy garden!  (or maybe I will take a nap). 
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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