Tuesday, December 27, 2016

These things make me happy...

First things first, this little guy has a birthday on Thursday!  He will be 6, and once again I have decided that time is moving too quickly!  Slow down!!
 I have kind of postponed his birthday celebration until next month, birthdays that are around Christmas are too hard!!  At least I have a few weeks to plan something for our guy.  Right now, he is very into Star Wars, so whatever we plan, Star Wars will be a part of it!  I have been looking on Pinterest (because I love a good project when I have absolutely no time to pull it off), and cannot wait to share some of the things I would like to do for his party!!
Turning 6... (my baby)
Over the break, my lil sister spent a few nights with us.  She keeps me young and helps me with all of the new fun iPhone apps.  Do y'all have Snapchat?  We (by we, I mean me) are obsessed!!  I think we played around with this the other day for an hour.  Time well spent!  The kids love it, but I really enjoy the filters that make my skin look like its glowing and that make my chins go away!  Thought I would share the silliness that happened (and I know that my sister would not appreciate, hopefully it helps her to know that only 10s of people read this blog)!
 This is me as a Christmas baby.  I think I look like the scariest thing ever!!

 Sad face.

 Sophia looking like a teenager wearing a poinsettia headband!
 Brayden as a Christmas elf riding on a reindeer!!

 This should not be on my things that make me happy, but I tried to make Sophia happy by making her a crystal blue dog with these silly beads.  They!  Are!  RIDIC!  Obviously we will not get rid of them, because Sophia will never have that, but geez, what was I thinking buying these shiny things!!  Guuuuurrr!!  Gemmies= things that do not make me happy!
I was looking through my phone last night, and I somehow overlooked this sweet picture of the kids before they were going to bed on Christmas Eve.  They had to make sure that we put out our cookies, poured some milk for Santa, and then write him a quick little note.  They really just needed him to know that they love him and they will see him next year.  Y'all, I love these two and their sweet hearts!!

On Christmas Eve, Sophia wanted to get dressed up and I let her wear my pearls.  Probably a bit much for Christmas Eve, but she is a southern girl, and southern girls love a good set of pearls!

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