Thursday, December 29, 2016


Well, the man friend and I have been sitting in the bed just looking at a blog post I had done 6 years ago.  It was filled with pictures of the day that our Brayden was born.  Honestly, we both sat here and cried a little bit (Aron, there are only about 10s of people who read this (majority of the 10s are family, so it is okay that I shared we were a bit emotional... I know, I am an over sharer), anyway, we just cannot believe how small our guy was, how young we look, and how little Sophia was (and we both commented how big we were, ha!).  Six years since Brayden made his first appearance... at 7:11p.m..  Oh, what a day and night that was!  I had kind of forgotten how the whole birth was so crazy, multiple messed up epidurals, then no epidural, and how I thought that I was going to not survive!  Funny how you forget those things and are able to look past it and focus on the happy!  (PTL)
Earlier, I was laying in the bed with Brayden, trying begging him to go to sleep, but instead he just wanted to talk.  I had my arm underneath his head, and he was squirming around.  Finally, he was not moving and his breathing changed a little bit, I could tell that he had fallen asleep.  Normally I would creep out of the bed, cheering on the inside that I survived another day, but tonight I just stayed in the bed next to him.  I was thinking that six years ago, I was doing the very same thing with him.  Sitting up in a bed, with him right in my arms, trying to console him and get him to settle and go to sleep.  Six years.  It was like a weird full circle moment.  I just cannot believe how fast this time is going, and I know that I say that all of the time, but tonight it just really hit Aron and I.
Sweet Baby Bear is growing up!  He is very much into Star Wars and loves to play video games.  Over the past few months he has become very interested in Legos (and leaving them all over the floor for us to step on)!  Brayden loves his sister, and enjoys having playdates with his buddies.  Brayden loves to do everything but sit still and be quiet.  I am not sure how many times a day I am having to tell him to stop running or stop screaming (it makes me nutzo, but I constantly remind myself that he's a boy and boys are loud)!  He is in kindergarten, and loves his teacher and his classmates.  He counts by 10s, can count to 100, and can write his numbers and letters.  I kind of feel that he is a genius (as I am sure that most mommas feel this way about their little people).  Brayden is a lover.  He always wants to hug or kiss you and tell you that he loves you.  I love that about him.  He adores his daddy, and they have so much fun just being together.  We are still working on getting him to eat anything besides chicken nuggets and catsup, but so far it is a no go!  He ain't having it!
We adore Brayden and cannot believe that he is 6!!

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Court said...

I am enjoying all of your posts. I just love your writing style.... You crack me up. And, yes, it goes by way too fast. My baby is about to turn four, and I just can't wrap my mind around it. Happy New Year to you and your precious fam.

One of your 10's of readers... Ha,
Courtney from MI