Saturday, December 10, 2016

Staaaaahp! Where are my babies??

I have been going through pictures of Christmases past, and I see images like this....

what has happened to my wee ones?
I mean, who are those children?  They are pretty much tiny adults!!  I have tiny adults (that still very much act like babies)!  They are just growing up.  Maybe it is Brayden turning 6 in a few weeks, maybe it is seeing Sophia writing letters to Santa every night (yes, every night, the elves have to deliver those letters to our jolly friend), or maybe it is that I was out shopping today and picking out baby gifts for a friend.  What if this is baby fever?  May be I should just take an Advil, stop reminiscing, and go to bed!  It is 8 o'clock!
Before I head out, just a few more pictures of Christmases past...

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