Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day for Mommas!

Happy Mother's Day!

Love this, it is our first family picture. Everyone gathered around Momma.

Me and my Lovey. She was obviously into watching something else!

Uhh! He just melts my heart!

So does she!

Aron is so in love with his son.

Momma and her boys

Man, I just really love her!

Brother and SisterLeAnne and her babies!

Sophia eating cake! New favorite food, and another word to add to the vocab!

Aunt LeAnne and Brayden

Momma and Daddy

Precious Family

Check out Sophia, this maybe what all of our future pictures look like, she wanted nothing to do with pictures today! We take what we can get. The other pictures she was in it was the back of her head or her finger up her nose- such a mess.

Me and my Momma- Have I mentioned that I love her.

Me and my boys.

What a special day we have had. It was baby dedication day at our church. Brayden was dedicated. Aron and I went in front of our church family and promised to raise him in a Christian home and teach him to follow the Lord. What a blessing we have been given with our two babies. I cannot help but rejoice when I see their faces, I am so thankful for them. I know that they are special gifts that were sent to me and Aron. It was such a heart breaking time when I really did not think that Aron and I would get to be parents and we would be forgotten, but when I thought there would be no hope, God answered our prayers. I am so blessed to be a mother, what an amazing (and difficult) job. My heart goes out to all of the women that have a longing to be a mother or whose mother is no longer here, you have not been forgotten on this day.

Happy Mothers Day to my Sister LeAnne- A--MAZING Momma

Happy Mothers Day to my Moss! Can we say FABULOUS!!

Happy Mothers Day to my sweet MamMaw in heaven.

Happy Mothers Day to my precious mother in law, Glenda Dove. I know I just would have loved her. What an amazing and wonderful son she raised. I know Aron thinks of her daily when he looks at his babies and their red hair!! Happiness!

Happy Mothers Day to my Aunt Diane in heaven.

Happy Mothers Day to my sweet Aunt Cathy, Aunt Lauren, and Aunt Lisa! Love yal!

Happy Mothers Day to my Momma- I love you and you are my best friend. What a wonderful example you are as a mother. You are loving, kind, and wise, always there to hold a baby or change a diaper, always there to answer a phone call, always up to run out to Target, there if I really needed a shoulder to cry on. You are one of the best parts about my day! Love you lots.


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Carolyn said...

Such a fine and fun day! Love your photos!

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