Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation for 10 please!!

The time is quickly approaching! Look out, cause we are going to Orange Beach or the "redneck riviera"!! We love the area, and go there every year! Fun times with this bunch!

Can ya see it? The group above, 9 (maybe 1 more if KG takes a buddy) crammed in 2 cars (Tahoe and Jeep), 14 hours of fun filled driving, 2 car seats, 2 children under the age of 2, multiple bathroom breaks, camera and video camera charger, a buncha snacks, each person gets 1 bag (packed with their drawers and a swimsuit, you have to pack light), some sort of video player for Sophia, 2 boxes of diapers and wipes, bumbo chair with tray, pack n play, beach towels, baby pool, coolers (with wheels), fun time reading (yay), beach toys and non beach play toys, food and drinks for the car, bottles and formula, golf clubs, a griddle (hello- 10 people, waffle Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ect. we need a griddle), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies- cannot forget those or the ride to and fro could be DOOMED!!, SUNBLOCK (have you seen me and my children we need SPF 100), hats and sunglasses, must have my ipod with Wilson Phillips Hall and Oats and Celine Dion tunes (no one will want to ride in my car!!), cell phone to call into radio shows (this helps with the entertainment in the car (last year little bro called into a radio show and it was too FUNNY!!), Happy box of fun stuff for Little Miss, board games, waffle maker, baby monitor......the list goes on and on. We may look like the Clampetts!
Seriously, Daddy and Momma have been working on a list and I do believe that it may take up 2 pages. We may need a UHaul or maybe the Clampetts will let us use their sweet setta wheels!!!
It sounds like a pain getting it all together, and we may not be able to move around in the car very much, but once we arrive it is heaven!
Ahhh! The Turquoise Place
The beach! I can hear the waves now (okay, can't hear the waves but Sophia's snoring sounds very similar! odd- I know)
The balcony, there is even a hot tub

The pool. The lazy river. A children's pool! Happiness.

So ready to go, really want to start packing now!

Do you go on a family vacation? Where do you venture off to?

Love yal,



How "Sweet" it is... said...

Hahaha!! Love this post! We are going to Gulf Shores over Labor Day and I can't wait. Don't laugh, but there was one vacation we DID have to rent a Uhaul. Thank goodness we are traveling a wee bit lighter now, but not by a whole lot!

Alicia said...


I know we only knew of each other in HS, since we were in different grades, My MIL Nancy (who has passed to glory) and your Momma were friends. I remember running into y'all at the fall once, when Katie was in an infant carrier. I wish we had been better friends! You sound like so much fun to be around, and so does your entire family, especially your sweet Mom!!!! We are going to Gulf Shores also, but not until July so we can all get burnt to a crip!

Ashley said...

So So Funny! Yall have fun now...ya here ;)