Monday, May 16, 2011

Wacky Weekend

As for me and my house...we are worn out from this past weekend. It was filled with a BIG date, some cooking, a bridal shower, baby visiting, laundry, and more cooking. So today we lounge!!!!

On Thursday night I was feeling the power of the cooking goddess....(wait for it)....

Ree, the Pioneer Woman. ( Love that I am on a first name basis with the woman, we are so BFF) Over the past week I have made a few of her recipes (chicken spaghetti, the meatloaf, some cookies, and du..du...duuuuu

cinnamon rolls. House smelled heavenly, wanted to bottle up the yummy smell. Batch 1 not so tasty, did not cook it long enough and it was a mush mess. Batch 2, little better. Batch 3, super. There could have been a batch 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 but I did not have the strength to keep baking. I was worn out and ran outta pans. There were rolls everywhere!!

I knew it was time to stop making these when I actually spooned up some of the icing (OMG it was deliiish....) Before all of the P.W. cooking week I weighed 110 pounds (okay that's a lie, I weighed 115, 130, okay okay 145) and today I weigh 110 pounds (like I am going to write that down, but I do weigh more because my pants are a bit snug and I know they fit last Sunday).

On Friday night, Aron and I went on a date. Our church hosted the last parents night out before the summer time, so we took full advantage of it. We went out BIG! We went down the street to our local Las Fajitas (hey, hey big spender) then we just went home to catch up on laundry, wash bottles, and watch The Fighter (uuuuhhh Mark Walburg (insert dreamy school girl sigh here) I so love his face...). Be jealous ladies, when my man takes me out we go BIG and then just go HOME!!

Then on Saturday, yal hopefully already saw the beautiful shower for my girl Erin.

Saturday night I cooked two chicken pot pie casseroles, no bake cookies, and some rolls for my BFF Kim. She had a baby this past week. Harper. Yal, she is just precious! We went to visit them at their home and take them a meal... I melted just holding her. Then I opened my BIG mouth while Aron was holding her and I said, "Aron you sure do look good holding that baby." Well, needless to say the poor guy is trying to stay away from me, afraid another baby could be on the way in 9 months if I let him get toooooo close.

Sunday...we slept. Then we got dressed. Then we laid in the bed. No, seriously.. here are the children.

O- my they are mighty precious. They were holding hands watching Winnie the Pooh.

This is just a funny thing....but have yal seen these?

the diapers that look like blue jeans. That's right, I bought some. They look like baby booty shorts! Too funny!

Happy Monday!


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