Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Bridal Shower Day!!

Happy bridal shower day to my sweet friend Erin!! We have celebrated all afternoon, in just a few weeks, my long time (like since we were Cub Kickers in junior high school) girl friend, Erin is going to be married!! Woo-hoo! Momma and I hosted a bridal shower for her today. The street was filled with cars (some that were parked illegally, but o-well- Sorry B-town police department), the house was packed with women, and Erin's little hands were unwrapping sweet gifts (for at least an hour, yes, she was very meticulous and tried to NOT break any bows- 1 gift kept her busy for about 4 minutes (not that I was counting)!!

Here we are with the bride!

momma getting ready for the party!
The food was so yummy! We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, Waldorf salad, carrot salad, pineapple punch (OMG-coulda licked the crystal punch bowl it sat in, someone loved it so much they took my full cup- hope they do not catch a cold from me!) We also had petifours and COOKIES! I love me some cookies! My wonderful and amazingly talented friend Robin crafted these little yummies- yal should totally check her out you would not be disappointed!
Aren't they precious! wedding dresses, rings, flowers, and wedding cakes!!
I was also able to get the bride, mommas, and grandmothers corsages from a local florist, Shirley's (they were so pretty and springy (is that a word??))
Vicky and Maxine (grandmother) It is also her b-day!!

Erin, the bride, and Brittney (not only will Erin be married but she will be mommy to this sweetie pie!
The gifts! O- the gifts!

The mommas of the bride
did I mention the gifts?

visiting friends
o- the talking!

Erin and Billie
bride with her maids (missing a few)

Marilyn (grandmother) and family friend
What a happy day we have had! So excited for the upcoming wedding!

Love yal!


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