Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are.....

On Thursday, our playgroup took a small field trip to where the "wild things are". It is funny, since it is right here in the middle of the town we live in. My friends family has a local nursery, Bogle City, if you live here maybe you have seen it or been there (beautiful plants!!), but it is surrounded by different ponds that are filled with the biggest koi fish you have ever seen (seriously if they were a shoe they would be a mans size 14, crazy BIG), there are the ever so beautiful swans (don't stand to close, because their wings are so strong they could break a grown mans leg (not that these have, but if they wanted to they totally could), and there are some ducks and their babies (awww--, I know). So the play time started with the viewing of all of these animals, and the kids (there was about 18 of them (including the wee babes in strollers who are the newbies) threw food to feed them (who knew that kids could do this for so long), I feel like I passed out buckets of food to tiny hands.Yowza, don't get too close!

Then there were the children that were trying to climb the fence to get in with the swans (hello, did they not hear the story from above!!?) Where is that childs mother? O- that is my child....moving on!

Next, my friend Erin went to get a horse for the children to feed, pet, even ride (yes, ride!) This was so much fun!!

Feeding the horse apples!Where does she think she is going? Here comes trouble!!

After all of the animal viewing, we had a picnic and played with bubbles. But, really the kids just loved to run all over the field. It was funny, children just could have a big open space to run on and would probably be just happy with that!

Thank you to Erin for letting us come and play for the afternoon!! What a fun time!

Mom of the Year Award goes You see the pale skin and even red hair on that child (and Brayden in the same), well I forgot the whole sunblock thing before you let your precious babies go outside for hours (huh), well my children came home ready for naps and! Mom of the Year Award!

Do you get together with other moms and their children for playdates? What do you and your peeps do for entertainment? Open for suggestions, if ya have them. If you are not involved in a play group, you should totally (what am I? from the valley? totally?) get hooked up with a group of girls. It is a fun time for your children to get out and play with others and it is a breath of fresh air for yourself (you may even be able to have adult conversation for a moment!)

Off to get ready for a wedding shower, my girl in the above photos, Erin is getting married soon and my momma and I are having a shower for her today! Woo hoo!

Love yal!


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