Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deep Thoughts (15 of them)

I am just purging a few of my many thoughts, 15 of them to be exact, that have been bouncing around in my head today. They are not deep at all, so if you are expecting something BIG that will solve world hunger, offer any insight into global warming, or any ideas on who would be the best selection for the Republican nomination... then this is the wrong blog post for you!!
1. I love a good Nicholas Cage movie. One of my favorites is when he plays Cameron Poe in Conair. Such a classic. I love to talk like that character, I sound like a nut, but I think that it is funny. It makes my husband laugh, but I don't think that he is laughing with me just at me.
2. My child played in bird bath water today, and since I am such a crazy germ phobe mother I have been stressing all day that she is going to get some bird virus (I am sure that I will have a dream that she changes into a blue jay in the middle of the night)
3. The Arkansas Lottery is up to 290 million dollars. What? We have been playing for the past 2 weeks, and still... no lotto win. Sad. Sad that we are wasting our money on the lottery, but it is so fun to buy a ticket and think what if we won. What would you do if you won the lottery?
4. The weather in NWA is getting warmer and warmer by the day. Thus a reminder that at some point this year I will have to hang up my blue jeans, put on a pair of shorts, and shave my legs. All things that I do not want to take part of but the shaving part may make my husband a wee bit happier.
5. I am really excited to get my hair done tomorrow, but I fear I will chicken out and just do the same thing over again. Why am I such a change-aphobe!
6. I was watching Sophia play on the playground today and a little boy bullied her. It made me very upset. Really, bullying my baby! She is the sweetest girl ever, and I just hated to see it. How should I have even reacted.
7. I had a dream again (I have had it many times) that I failed a college class, and when I tried to drop the class I had already failed 3 others. What does this dream mean????
8. There was a snake sighting in my backyard yesterday, a small snake, but a snake none the less. It makes me wonder.... where is the mother? If I was a momma snake I would not let my baby snake very far from my side. Just saying.
9. My husband has come into this room about 10 times to see when I am coming to bed. Geez, he is almost as bad as one of our small children. The last time he came out with a cowboy hat on. I am deathly afraid to even think about what that means. All I could do was laugh and tell him to leave me alone!
10. I made a killer taco recipe. I am going to give it out, but I expect at least 1 person out of the 10s of people that read this crazy list to actually cook it tomorrow. You will not regret it, you may have heart burn, but you will not regret it. Good stuff yal.
cook up your hamburger meat in a skillet, add your seasoning after meat is browned, add 1/2 cup of water, add a can of original rotel, and then about 1/2 or more of a small brick a velvetta. Cheesy taco friends. Live it. Love it. Eat it. Enjoy it.
11. I watched the season finale of the Duggars, 19 kids and Counting. Do yal watch them? I love their family and their show. I love what they are about, and the fact that they have many children is nothing I am gonna get my knickers in a bunch about. Tonights episode was just heartbreaking, but their thoughts and how they expressed their feelings, and really talked about God and how he giveth and he can taketh was just amazing. I love having a show on television that a family can watch and really be exposed to a christian loving faith family. They are so transparent and I love that they are using that faith and it is able to reach so many. What an amazing ministry.
12. I am wearing my old school retainers right now. Umm, I have not had braces since the 90's folks, but my teeth are still moving and my retainer still works. Tidbit of info, I only wear it when Aron is asleep (I don't want him to see me looking cray cray)! Honestly, for the first few months we were married, I would get up an hour before he would wake, shower, do my hair and make up. I wanted him to just think that I look like that all of the time. I am sure he still wishes he were married to that girl. She was so put together, but that girl was tired and just wanted to sleep in too! She was not happy!
13. Yesterday, I was playing with Sophia and I told her that I am a mommy. She looked at me and stated (very matter a factly, is that what you say?) and said, " your not a mommy your a hippo-potta-pus". Thus, reaffirming that I should be on a diet.
14. I made the Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie for dinner last night. It was okay, but it was not the best. All I could think while I was eating it was this is chicken pot poo. So sad, all that effort, it made so much, and no one ate seconds. So sad about it, I even left a comment for Ree (I call her by her 1st name, because I obviously think that we are BFF) telling her that she needs to come to B-town and show me how to cook (properly, amazingly, yummingly- are those even words?) I wonder if she reads her comments? I hope I win the IPAD, that is what I could win if I left a comment people.
15. I really don't want Ree to come to B-town, I would probably then have to clean my house (real clean, not spot clean!)
Bonus thought: I love the name Elin for a girl. E-lynn, would be the pronunciation. Just writing my thoughts, I do not want to forget that name in case it is ever needed in the future.
I feel much better now that I have rambled.
Peace Out!


Angie said...

Ha Ha- I had a lot I wanted to comment on & now I forgot. I could go hit the back browser, read the post again & come back and comment but I'd probably forget before I got back to this form! I think I have part timers, sheesh :)

Oh Con Air- My favorite movie of all time!!!! I watch it over & over.

Weird that you saw a baby snake. Your probably right, probably a momma somewhere so BE CAREUL. I hate snakes :(

My daughter tells me I need to diet too. Not very nice but true I suppose. Kids and their brutal honesty.

Elin, LOVE IT!!!!

Have a good day friend

Lindsay said...

Ready for hair pics!! What did you end up doing? Wonderful random thoughts. Need to see you in person soon! Maybe next week?