Monday, March 12, 2012

If First You Don't Succeed...

then try try again!
After week 1 of my weight loss challenge (against myself)......
The garage scale says.... 145.5
I am beginning to think the reason the garage scale is in the garage was because it was not a good scale, but ya win some and you lose some (in this case I did not lose ANYTHING)! Oh, well. It is not like I was working super extra hard.
I tried to cut out cokes on day 1 and on day 2. I have come to realize that giving up the coke is gonna be rough! The first day I had a massive headache, and was not a very polite person. Then came the nauseousness! I started thinking to myself OMGOSH... I am sick... do I have a virus? am I pg? Crazy thoughts. After 2 pregnancy tests and a couple a ADVIL I came to the conclusion that yes, I was physically sickened by my lack of cokes! It was just shocking! So, after a few hours I drove my sad self up to Sonic and got a Vanilla Coke. I had relief within 30 minutes. So, day 2, I tried no cokes..... there was some anger and those headaches. Needless to say, I had a coke. I just did not have 10 that day!
I did not eat any fast food last week (usually I have a chicken strip day from Chick fila at least one time a week)! Since My eating did not change much.... this I should probably look into. People who commented really seemed to be BIG cheerleaders for Weight Watchers. So, I will be checking into that this week.
As for my physical activity: those who know me know that I am not active. I do not like to workout, I am not a fan of glistening (AKA... sweating), and the gym... well that serves as more of a people watching opportunity for me. I am not a runner (way to clumsy and too much activity makes me pee) and walking.... well, I walk in Wal-Mart.. from aisle to aisle and usually don't park so close to the entrance (sad.. that is the extent of the activity). My other physical activity ranges from chasing children from sun up to sundown, squatting down to change diapers, some after hour activity with my husband.... what? just saying...., and the heavy lifting of the groceries and laundry baskets the wood-working (work on cabinets). Ya see... I am limited. But I do think that I burn at least a few 100 calories doing a lot of that stuff!
Anyways, I do have some runner friends. They have invited me to run with them.... this is still under consideration. I did walk a few times this week (1 time while pulling the wagon, with those children in it.... what am I feeding those 2?!)
So, am I surprised my my weekly weigh in? Not so much.
O well, if first you don't succeed.... try try again!
The rest of the post is all for me! Pictures of my main loves.
Love Yal!


Angie said...

I have a terrible time at trying to lose weight. My biggest enemy is Mountain Dew and like you quitting is SERIOUSLY difficult. Everytime I try I get really sick. My activity level sounds about like yours too. Now that I'm pregnant AGAIN I"m not too worried about it but I'm sure as soon as I have this baby it's going to be an issue for me again.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Oh Angie!! I love that we Share an addiction to caffeine- we should attend meetings!