Monday, March 5, 2012

Fit and Fabulous

Just had to post a picture of me and my sweet girl taken yesterday before church! Most pictures of us, someone is not looking at the camera and only 1 of us has had a bath and gotten their hair brushed (most of the time I am not the one with the bath and the brushed hair, haha), thus the reason for the excitement of the picture! We are clean and smiling! Me and my baby!
So, I know that the 10 people that read this blog are so incredibly fit and fabulous! I am sooo jealous of you, your tone arms, your 6 pack abs, and your non flabby gams! I am well, I will just say not so fit... but I think I am fabulous! Haha! Really, I am wanting to try that whole get in shape thing. Over the past few months, Aron has cut out caffeine, most sugars, eats little to no salt, and is running everywhere (now that I think about it, he is really starting to get on my nerves because he looks like he did when he was in high school- except he has dark circles under his eyes (we do not sleep still in this house people... our children enjoy the night life)! Anyways, he is trucking along on his road to total health nut and bag of hottness and I feel like I am watching him, while sitting on the side of the road, drinking my Sonic vanilla cokes (not even a diet vanilla coke), and licking the insides out of the EL Fudge cookies (don't judge)! It is time to get with the program yal! No jokes! I have vented about this before and said I was ready to give up the junk.... but I lied. I was not ready at that time! But now that my husband is gettin' with it, I better get on the train with him! So what is the plan....? As of right now, I do not have one.
I have friends that do:
Jenny Craig (Mariah Carey does it and she is looking good)
Weight Watchers (don't know much about it)
There is that diet where you only eat meat and nuts (where is the fun with that!)
I have heard about these juice diets (but the thought of having everything blended makes me wanna yak!)
Everyday, I watch this girl's infomercial: Tracy Anderson Method (she trains Gwenyth Paltrow), and every time I watch it I pick up the phone to call and order then I hang it up!
I have a friend who is teaching Zumba (she is incredibly thin and healthy looking has had children so I can see that she is working it and it is working for her)
I have got to try something! Just have not settled on a plan. What do you do to get in shape?
I am thinking of starting small... cut out the cokes, stop buying the sweets, and walking (no way I could ever run anywhere, unless I was being chased by a madman with a gun)!
It is Monday...March 5, 2012
Today my weight is 129
That is a lie, my weight is 135
Okay... that was a lieit is 145.5
That is what the scale says. Now the dr scale could say something different, but I did not go to the doctor and get the perfect measurements so I am going with the garage scale!
Hopefully, by next Monday, I will have started my new fit and fabulous plan and I will have lost at least 2 pounds and look like a Gisele Bunchedon..
okay that could be me in 5 months, but it is a goal!


Sarah said...

Great pic of you and your girl! I wouldn't say I am fit, but I do swear by Weight Watchers. It just makes the most sense for everyday foods and a lifestyle change that will work for you and your entire family.

I am struggling with getting fit myself. I have the diet thing figured out but can't find the time to exercise. Between kids, a full time job and that silly thing called sleep (that I don't get enough of either!), there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Caryn C. Foresee said...

I totally understand!! I am not fond of exercise, but it is time to do something for me (if I could just find an extra hour in the day! Ha) weight watchers?? I wonder if there is one in my area- I an gonna check on this! Thanks Sarah!

Megan said...

I totally swear by weight watchers too! I lost 30 lbs after i had my first baby, I am due next week with our needless to say i will be right back at those meetings. You can eat anything on that plan.. and it really fits in my lifestyle with little ones running around! Good luck!!

Kelcey Mary Lynn said...

Even if you can't attend the weight watchers meetings, the online program is really great too! Totally worth every. single. penny!

Lindsay said...

Start small is a great idea. Here are my opinions on the subject: (take what you will)
1. Mom loves Weight Watchers and feels very successful with it. She goes to meetings on Tuesdays at noon if you ever want to go with her to check it out. You can be her date.
2. Jenny Craig- I did it twice. It's expensive, but I loved the food. I also liked cafeteria food at school so who knows if I have the best taste. I did lose lots of weight with it, but I didn't like going to the weigh ins every week.
3. Nathan uses an app and has lost almost 20lbs since January. It's a food diary where you log everything and it motivates you. You can use it online too. You can friend Nathan and help cheer each other on. You can friend me too, but I don't use it regularly.
4. You could totally run, man. If I can do it, you can do it. There are lots of plans out there to go from walking to running. Let me know if you're interested. You can even start with only running for like 30 seconds. Don't laugh!! You have to start somewhere.
5. After trying a ton of stuff, my feeling is love what you got because you're a HOT MOMMA! Do what makes you feel good and don't be too hard on yourself. I realized I can't workout to lose weight or eat my way skinny because I don't have enough self will or motivation whatever it is. I have to have an end goal that's more tangible like finishing a race. Not winning one...finishing one...and not dying or puking. You know, it's good to have goals!
Let's get together soon!

MeTheMama said...

You look fantastic in that pic!!
Do you have an iphone? you can track calories on My Fitness Pal app. You can also do it online but it's easier to do it on the go on the phone. You put in your weight, goal, and when you want to achieve your goal by and it tells you how many calories you should have in a day. You just input what you eat and it calculates it all for you.
I am on the same journey as you, after having a son 2 years ago i just feel loose and blubbery! My next step is go get an Xbox Kinect so i can workout at home ;)

JNix said...

a. love the pic of you and S! you look like you already lost weight :)
b. come run with me. seriously. you know i lost alot of weight and when we first started running, it was barely a mile......i know you can do it and i will be your coach. for realzzzzz
c. cut the junk but still have a cheat day, that way it won't totally suck
d. i miss you