Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Ever Happened to These People???

So, after my last post about Jennie Garth (aka Kelly Taylor), I started thinking about other shows that I grew up watching. Then, since I had so much time on my hands last night (with the kids going to bed early and Aron watching a sad ending to the Razorback game), I started hacking away on the good ole IPHONE! I started looking up old movies from the 80's and some funny television shows that I was bananas for (yes, I just wrote that)! I was really missing some of these funny people and their weekly dramas. It is kind of sad, most shows I watch now are reality t.v., and I miss the slapstick funny stuff (don't yal?)
Well, here are some of my old timey favorites. If you know what some of these people are doing now, or if they are currently on a show now.... will you please let me know! I would probably start DVRing them and watching them when I have a few minutes!
The Goonies!
Surely some of you watched this movie, right? If not, then in 1985 you were living under a rock or you.... well, are just pitiful! I adored this movie. Totally wanted to be Andie (because she had the cool hair, wore a letterman, played that cray cray piano, and got to SMOOCH Mikey (Sean Astin). My other favorie character was Chunk, Jeff Cohen. I still say some of his lines from the movie and then (embarassing as it may be) I love to reenact the truffle shuffle!
So, where are Chunk (Jeff Cohen) and Andie (Kerri Green)?
Kerri Green was also in the 1986 movie Lucas, with Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen (he played the football captain Cappie, and he was so GORGEOUS in this movie!)
I loved Green in this movie. She played Maggie, the girl that befriends Lucas.
Do yal remember this show??
Where is she at now? I miss her!
1987. Yes, this was a good year!
Ronald Miller (lawn boy) and Cindy Mancini (captain of the cheerleaders)
She took him from totally geek to totally chic!
I can recite this whole movie.
My question is.... where did Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson) go?
She took Donald (Ronald) to KING status to NO status. He took her to the airplane grave yard and then he washed her too cute white Rabbit car
(I so wanted that car when I was old enough to drive)!
The next flick, She's Out Of Control, with Tony Danza and Ami Dolenz
Danza is the dad. His daughter Katie Simpson (Dolenz) goes from total geek to total goddess overnight (with the help of her dad's girlfriend). Her transformation losing her glasses, a new hair do, and having her braces removed early takes her to babe status and was so fun to watch (and I just knew that one day I could be pretty like her!) She also made me love to work out to that song, She's a Maniac! Well, here is my question.... where did this actress go? All of the boys in the movie fell for her, did she just marry one from the show and move outta Hollywood??
Not that I want to watch this show now, but I remember watching this classic...
Kids Incorporated
K-I-D-S, ohhh looks like we've made it were kids in-cor-por-ra---ted.
K-I-D-S, Yeah!
Anyone? Anyone?
Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the show and Fergie??
Ring a bell?
Then, what about Blossom?
I know that Joey is on a ABC Family show. I have recently seen Blossom on the Old Navy commercials and I sometimes check out her blog (she does this extreme parenting stuff that I find fascinating (I ain't talking sports with a baby on her hip, I am talking like 24 hours a day with your kid at your side (sleeping, nursing, cleaning, home schooling, they even get to watch you in child birth... ain't judging.. just simply statin')!
Enough about them, where did the stylin' sidekick Six (Jenna von Oy) go?
Well, there ya go. These are some of my all time favorite shows. Did yal watch any of them? Or was I the only viewer (thus the reason why they are no longer being aired)?
I guess I should have been sending some of these people some fan mail, way back when they were big. Maybe if they woulda gotten just 1 more letter from a pre-teen gal like myself thinking they were the bees knees (yes, I just wrote that), they woulda stayed in show business!
Why did I only write letters to Kirk Cameron? Geez, he never even wrote me back!


Katie said...

FYI...Blossom is now on the Big Bang Theory.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Good to know! Thanks Katie!!

Lindsay said...

Mario Lopez rocked out on the drums in Kids Incorporated. I loved that show the most. Other faves: Neverending Story (FAAALLLCCOORR!), Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, and the Monkees (RIP Davey Jones my first crush).