Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing Dress Up

My daily outfits consist of the following: blue jeans (that may or may not have paint splattered on them), yoga pants (that I have never EVER worn to any sort of yoga class), and Razorback t-shirts (what...? I gotta represent my team). After spending a majority of the winter shacked up with sick children and hanging out with my husband on the couch, I have come to realize that A. my clothes are not so cute B. my pants are snug and my shirts are large (how does that even happen?) C. I may have been letting my wardrobe go down the tubes! So, out with the old and in with something a little more cute. I am 32 going on 33 (or am I 33 going on 34?, sometimes the older I get the number I forget), but whatever the age I am, I am looking for something a step up from jeans and sweats... ya dig? So, where are all of yal shopping these days. Keep in mind, I am on a budget, I will not spend 200 dollars on 1 great outfit, and I am in my 30s and not wanting to look like I am trying to dress like I am in my 20's!
Seriously, where are yal shopping?
I just received some coupons for Old Navy recently, and I decided to look on their website- do people even shop there anymore? Or is it just the place to go for winter fleece and Christmas pajama pants? I found some cute dresses below. Thinking of ordering. Not sure. Just thinking. I L-O-V-E dresses. You do not have to suck in or worry about putting together a whole outfit.
I found this cute dress- but it is horizontal stripes. Is this an, OH NO GIRL, or is this an,OH WOAH GIRL!
Does this look like something the Beeve's mom would wear?
I kinda thought it would be cute. But maybe not.

Too young?
I don't own a maxi dress- but when I try them on they drag the floor. Is that normal? I just wanna wear flip flops not a long dress with high heels. Are you supposed to get them hemmed?
This SAHM needs to get with the program!

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Angie said...

Ha Ha- You and me both sister! We are the same age and I can tell you I feel REALLY out of the loop. My wardrobe consists of jeans and tees (maternity of course). I feel ancient and well, I'm not- right?