Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hands Down Scariest Job Ever!!

Each day my husband comes home from work and I always ask, "how was your day?" The husband (who loves to talk... not so much), will go into deep detail talking about what he worked on that day. He talks about power lines, transformers, broke poles. Sometimes, he could talk for up to 15 minutes (uninterrupted). During this time, I just stare at him (blank stare), because I know NOT ONE THING of what he is talking about. I sometimes visualize myself banging my head up against the wall (just kidding). But really, when he talks about his work, it is like he is speaking Chinese to me... I just can't follow it. So, after he talks about his wildly riveting day and all of the situations that he has been involved in, I usually begin my splurge about all the happenings in Toddlerville. I tell him when we woke up, if anyone peed through their diaper, how many loads of laundry I have done (if any), what we ate for the day, what the kids squabbled about, how many dirty diapers I have changed.... ya get my drift. I am almost positive that while I am talking about my exciting day and the tiny tots, I can see Aron's eyes gloss over and he is probably picturing his self banging his head up against the wall. (haha). So anyways, this is sometimes what our talks start out as.
Most days, I walk away from this conversation thinking, this guy has no idea how easy he has it. I sit at home, love on his babies, have dinner on the table when he gets home, wash his shorts, and he is getting out of the house all day and hanging out with people all day, he is living the dream (I know.... that is not really what he's thinking!!). Usually, though, I am thinking my job is the craziest, busiest, hardest, and the scariest, HANDS DOWN!!
Until today.
That's right yal, today, I am a changed woman because my husband, sent me this photo at 8:30 a.m. (that's right, this morning)
Holy Ba-Geezus!
That is a 5 footer yal, King Snake (not poisonous), but to me it looks like an anaconda or something or other. It is obviously a crazy snake, it cared not one bit to be silently resting in the midst of a bajillion volts of power.. he ain't scurred!
If I saw this at 8:30 in the morning (okay, not necessarily in the morning anytime of day or night), I would have for sure died. Okay, I would have for sure peed my pants and then died! Never mind, I would have peed my pants, ran for dear life, then probably died!!!
I know! Have you ever seen anything so jaw droppingly scary! Now I did have to change an atrociously smelling water consistency diaper earlier, but I would change 50 billion more of those diapers instead of staring that in the face any day!
So, hands down, Aron WINS! He has the roughest, toughest, craziest, work EVER!
Thank you Aron, for going out each day and working so hard in the steamin' heat, the breath takin'ly cold weather, the rain, during tornadoes, and whatever else the day may bring. I am so very appreciative that you work so hard, each day, (and do not complain about it), so I can stay at home with lil red and our baby bear! I love you madly and will now picture you as an amazingly strong snake wrangler.... and I am so glad that you picked me to be the girl at home washing your shorts.... :)

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Angie said...

I love this post! It's funny, I actually took the time out at 5:00 this morning to tell my hubby how much I appreciated how hard he worked and all he does for us. It's easy to sit in the house and think our jobs are harder and in some ways I guess they are. What they do isn't easy either though I'm sure. Im totally with you, I'll change diapers of wrangling snakes any day of the week :)