Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Lost His Precious

I mentioned in the previous post, I am no fan of pranks. Well, I guess last week, I forgot that I was not a fan of the jokes and decided to pull one. In the end, the joke back-fired and I am left with a husband prancing around town with NO wedding ring!
Here is my sweet husband, with our little man. This picture was taken last Easter. I love this photo. I love how the husband is looking at our guy, and our guy is just adorable.
You may notice that my husband's wedding band is circled.
With this picture, it may be the last time I ever see it.
Over the past few months, Aron has dropped a few pounds. Yes, all he does is work, then play with his babies, eat no sugar or salt, he's kicked the caffeine, and runs everywhere. He is fit and fabulous (I could be a little bit jealous), and he is as cute as ever. Upon all of the weight just fallin' off of his body, his wedding band has been super loose. Everyday, after work, he will wash his hands in our kitchen sink. First, he will remove his wedding band (so it will not go down the drain). Well, last Monday he forgot to put it back on. I noticed it on Tuesday morning, called him, and made a joke that he is out trying to get a girlfriend (this was a complete joke, I am in no way shape or form concerned about my husband in this area). He just laughed and asked that I just put is ring in a safe place. Ha! I said I would fo' sho' put it away for safe keeping. Well, Tuesday turned into Wednesday, Wednesday turned into Saturday, and then Sunday evening we are chill-axin' on the couch. I am holding his hand and asked where his ring is. He looks at me, confused, and then reminded me that I put it in a "safe place" and that he would in fact like it back.
Well, then I looked at him (remembering that the day was April Fools Day). Yea, Mister. Where is your ring?
He just looked at me, it was obvious he had no clue where his ring was at.
Then he was looking at me (realizing that it was April Fools Day), saying give me my ring, and that was not a good joke.
Thus the frantic crazy search (I am sure I looked like Gollum, "looking for his precious")
I was trying to retrace all the steps I had taken the past week, looking at all of the places that I had touched (in the past week), going through all of the laundry (that I had not done in the past week).
I searched for "the precious" for over an hour.
I never found "the precious".
That safe place I put my husband's wedding band was the safest place ever!
I still am unable to find it. It is lost. Forever gone.
Just another reason why I am NO FAN of pranksters!

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Angie said...

Oh no, hope you find it. It will probably turn up when you least expect it.