Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not So Funny Lady...

It is Sunday, April 1st, April Fools Day!
Now you know and I know that it is April Fools Day, this way you will be reading the story and not be thinking that at the end of the story there will be the phrase... April Fools!
So, onto the story.
Our day has been eventful. We over slept this morning (this was nice, but then not so nice because we were on nursery duty at church)! No Bueno! We missed, and I hate it when we miss that day, because I am sure that workers were scramblin' all around and I hate to have the church short handed on extra help. But, we missed. Hopefully, we will be forgiven.
This afternoon, we went to see my sweet niece, Annalee, dance in a local dance competition. The dancers and dances that we saw were incredible, and it is a fun way for us to spend an hour (love me some dance)!
Here is Lovey with her Annalee (she looks a lil terrified, but she's okay)!
When we left the dance competition, Aron stated that my car was out of gas and he would stop and put some gas in the tank. (such a good guy to fill up my car with gas, I hate to do this!) So, we stop at a gas station (that will remain nameless) and Aron tells me that he is going to go in and pay (he wanted to get a drink).
Here is the play by play, as told by my not so many words husband
Aron enters store
Aron gets drink
Aron approaches cash register, and tells gas station register lady.... I need $30 in gas and my drink
He hands over his debit card
She runs it..... she says it's declined (low talker, not so loud)
He says.... whuuut? Run it again please (he notices there is someone behind him)
She scans it.... son, it's declined (low talker still but a lil louder)
He digs for his credit card
hands it to register woman
She scans card..... DECLINED (low talker is louder)
Aron..... Whuuuut? Are you serious?
Can you try it again....?
Lady (whom Aron says is getting a lil louder and annoyed with him and his lack of funds)
She scans is with force (why forcefully... I do not know)
It's declined.... (now there are 2 more people behind the first person just watching)
He asks her (my husband, my quiet husband who is a man of few words, could never and would never hurt a fly, would never rough house or talk nastily (is that a word) to a woman even a loud woman who has no patience or kindness in her body.... he asks her if she is sure it says declined (this is probably where Aron's face turned red and he started sweating)
Gas station lady.... Son, you wanna jump behind this counter and read my machine?
Aron... this is bologna (I will place the word bologna here since this could one day be read by my children)
Did I mention people are 5 people deep in the line??
Next thing I know, a huffy puffy, sweaty, fumble nuts husband is slamming the car door and trying to get all of his credit cards in order in his wallet.
I asked him if he was going to get gas or did I need to do it? (I thought it was funny)
He quickly tells me the story as he is pulling out of the parking lot (very quick like)
I wanted to laugh because he was so stressed and embarrassed about the situation... but honestly, who would not be embarrassed?
He looked at me and said (with a bit of sadness in his voice), "all of those people in line were looking at me thinking, that guy is poor." (I felt so sad for him when he said it, just pitiful) but I laughed, and then he laughed, and at the same time we said, "WELL, WE ARE!"
I asked him if she was pulling a April Fools joke on him.
He did not think so and that if she was it would be totally inappropriate.
Needless to say, we went down the street to our local EZ Mart, the card worked and we now have gas and a cold drink.
I am not a big fan of pranksters.
So, gas station attendant lady, if you are reading this (which the chances that the lady is reading this post is slim.... seeing how 10s of people read this blog everyday), but if she is just one of the 10s of people reading, I just want to tell her 3 things....
1. We had money (not all of the time do we, but today our statement was not in the red)
2. Your machine is bunk... broke... wrong.
3. Your not so funny lady.
Whatever happened to the funny jokes: putting a "kick me" sign on someones back or telling your spouse you are pregnant. That stuff is funny!
Here's hoping that no one plays a joke on yal today!


Angie said...

My hubby would have totally died of embarassment. Poor Aaron!

I love the name Annalee. It is one of the names we were thinking of for our new baby :)

Katie said...

I'm here to say that with a one year old and a two year old, if I had told my husband that I was pregnant, he wouldn't have believed me anway, but if he had, he would have had a massive heart attack and died right then and I'm going to have to beg him for baby number three. Anyway, tell your husband I'm sorry. I had a checkbook that I thought had been stolen once so I cancelled all of the checks in it. Yeah, well, it wasn't stolen and like a moron I used them. I had to pay returned check fees to several different stores, in the about embarassment. It happens to the best of