Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spending time with my boys

Could the weekend get any better?  On Saturday, I was able to spend the day watching the Razorbacks with 2 of their BIGGEST fans!
A day with my sweet boys
I know, instead of watching the Red and White game I am sitting taking pictures of me and Baby Bear!  Aron was embarrassed.  I kept saying Aron you hold him.... yal look at me and smile... Bray.. smile... Aron, you are squinting.  I am soooo the paparazzi!

Me and my baby sister, Katie.  She came down to the game with a friend and she rode back with us.
Not that I am a stalker, but I suppose that me taking this picture and then posting it on this blog may now qualify as "stalking", but when we went to sit down in our seats, which were on the first row in the corner of the field (but whatev), Ryan Mallett (who was the Arkansas Razorback quarterback) and went into the NFL and is now the back up qb for the New England Patriots, came back to support our team for the Red and White game.  He was just hanging out in front of us with these two people (which I think were his parents) and this very pretty girl (that I spotted him holding hands with).  It was so exciting.  I am such a people watcher that I just sat there with my sun shades on watching him.... I was so star struck by our "old" quarterback.  I am so lame!
Katie will hate that I posted this, but I do not care.  She is such a teenager and always turns her head when someone tries to take a picture of her.  So, now I have a photo of the sweet girl, me and the family will have a picture of our girl!

Woo Pig Sooie!

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Mama said...

we ALMOST went to razorfest but the parentals were up!