Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lil Red.... The Reader

Lil Red is a reader!  I feel like I read this book, Polar Bear Polar Bear, constantly to the kids, and yesterday I just looked Sophia and said, "I have already read that book today, you read it."  She just picked up the book and started reading it to me and her brother.  I was so shocked!  She is like a little sponge!  Yes, I know she did not read every word, but she is trying really hard!  I just love love love it!  Then I knew that I had to get it on film for her Daddy, Honey and G-Daddy, Aunties and Uncles, and then Mossy and Bucky would for sure not want to miss out on this!
Enjoy a reading from, Eric Carle's, Polar Bear Polar Bear

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