Friday, April 13, 2012

Spending My Days with Red and Bear

I do not have a big post prepared for the day, but I did want to post a few pics of the kids for their Bucky and Mossy (these are the great grandparents yal). What do you call your grandparents? Sophia calls my parents, Honey (cause she sweet) and G-Daddy (ghetto, I know, but we like it!). I call my grandparents, Moss and Bucky (he used to be Poss, then we called him PopPop, other cousins call him grandfather (and that seems so formal?), I had a wonderful and amazing MamMaw and PapPaw, then there were the greats called MawMaw and PawPaw, and my sweet Mimi. TMI, I know, but some people have asked who is this Bucky and what is a Moss, thus the conversation! Anyways, for my peeps in the big beautiful VA... pictures of the wee babes!
Some of my favorite reds...Baby Bear showing us his teeth!

Red and the biggest blue eyes eva!Baby Bear and his baseball uniform... it makes his daddy happy!
I just wanted to document this day for myself, but some of my most precious friends are in a feva... BABY FEVER, that is.
March 20th, my friends Kristin and Chris welcomed sweetie pie Stella Monroe (doesn't that sound like movie star material..? Yal, I think that we will see that name in lights one day!)
Today, my Erin and her husband Jason welcomed handsome Lukas Ryder (sounds tough and rough, right?!)
Then, out of the blue, my long time friend....... (she will remain nameless) sent me a ultrasound picture, saying that I will be an Auntie! Love, smiles, and some tears (and it was only 8:30 this morning!)
Babies are such a blessing. I am so lucky to have two, and now to just see my friends share in this happiness is such a beautiful thing. GOD IS SO GOOD!
Gettin' a lil' nervous.... most fevers are contagious, and seeing these bundles of chubby cheeks and rolly polly legs is not makin' it easy on a girl like myself!! Just sayin!

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Angie said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I call my grandma Granny G. I guess we share in the "ghetto" department :)