Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh Rana

Today, my friend Rana, was in town for her baby shower.  I met Rana when we were in high school, and I loved her instantly!  She was snappy, and funny, and loud (so loud!), definitely my kind of girl!  Anyways, she is expecting in late October, and I am so excited to be an auntie!
The baby shower was gender neutral!  Can you believe that they are not going to find out if it is a boy or a girl!  They will just let it be a surprise!  We were also asking about names, and nothing, she just would not reveal a thing!!  I am such a planner, I had to know everything ahead of time!
Laura, Amanda, Rana (she does not even look like she is with child, it looks like she just ate a BigMac before the shower), me, Amanda
I went to high school with all of these girls!
 Rana relaxing in the chair!
 This is when she was telling me to STOP taking pictures and to NOT put them on Face Book!  I said I would not put them of FB just my family blog!  Ha!
It was so good to be with her again!

One funny thing about the shower (there were many funny things about the shower):
As I was sitting with my friend Amanda, discussing Rana's birthing plan and Rana not being able to spell half of the words on her birthing plan, I found my eyes watching the woman sitting next to Amanda.  I know it is so rude to stare!  Anywho.... I am sitting, chatting, staring, chatting, eating, and then it clicked!  HOLY MOLY!  You are the news lady!  (Yes, I said it out loud, as if she were a room away from me) It was Neile Jones!  She is the news anchor for our local news, KNWA.  We watch her in our house, and I just had to say hello!  When I was leaving the shower, I started to think that I probably looked like a stalker, but I just thought it was fun to have a brush with fame!  (I hope that she gets that a lot!)

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Angie said...

I love baby showers! Sounds like you ladies had a good time. You all looked adorable :)