Friday, August 24, 2012

Some of my most favorite friends....

Today has been full of some fun surprises.  The kids and I got up early and were dressed and out of the door before 11 this morning!  We went to my favorite shop in town, The Perfect Choice.  It is filled with everything pretty, stuff for your home, things you can wear, jewels to look dazzling in, and some of the sweetest people that I know, my Gwen and Esam!
Here we are!
I love love love these two!
My first job was working at their store.  I worked with Gwen for years, and she was like a-nutha mutha for me!  She would listen to me whine and complain, she would laugh at my jokes, and has always been such an amazing friend!  Then there is her other half, Esam.  He's sooooo sweet and funny!  He just loved on the kids today in the store and was trying to pull out every trinket/ wind up toy in the shop to entertain the tots with!
I think that it worked, by the time he left he had two new best friends!
I cannot say enough about these two and how much they mean to me.  It isn't everyday that you get to meet such great people, and then continue a friendship with them for over 10 years!  I have been blessed with wonderful friends, just thought that you (Gwen) should know that!
Love you both and you are in my prayers.

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Laurie said...

I had no idea about your connection to the perfect Choice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that store!!!! And yes, Gwen is always so nice. I can always find something there and they are so nice to wrap things beautifully for FREE!!!!! YAY!!!!