Monday, August 6, 2012

Summertime fun inside??

I have seen this on Facebook so many times lately, and I just thought it was too funny not to post!

Seriously, it is so hot outside!  So hot, that me and my little ones are constantly hanging out in the house!  Is anyone else doing the same thing, day after day?  I have been trying to find fun blogs or things on Pinterest that show lots of indoor entertainment ideas for toddlers, I am having some luck, but I just thought I would see what you and your peeps are doing.

Art time, lots and lots of art time!  Everyday, we color, use the big dot markers, do water colors, and play with stickers.  I am a HUGE fan of the 1+1+1=1  blog site and The Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.  I have printed off some of there worksheets with numbers, tracing, and the alphabet, and laminated them so the kids will color and color and then just wipe away (this is saving me from printing the same thing over and over again!  These women are so great and always have fun ideas for tot entertaining!  I also recently came across a blog, Play at Home Mom of 3 site that had super fun things to do with kids of all ages.  The mom even blew up a black tarp in her home (with and oscillating fan) and then threw in glow in the dark sticks and balls and light up stuff.... who thinks of this stuff??  These gals are genius!

 Using play dough to shape the letters.  We are playing and learning, LOVE IT!!

Yesterday, since watercolors are getting pretty old, and they all look black and brown in the tray, I broke out some finger paint, which turned into body paint and then hair paint and then a little bit of floor paint (which is where I drew the line and this normally laid back mom became cray cray lady and decided paint time was OVER)!

They loved being able to use "mommy's brushes".
Last week, I painted one of our kitchen walls with chalkboard paint.  Well, this has turned out to be so fun for Sophia and Brayden!  It was so worth the 45 minutes that it took for me to paint it, and the fact that it is a tiny side wall that is all black, does not bother me in the slightest.  It adds a lil something fun to the kitchen.  I have even chalked out a calendar and the Razorback football schedule.  Aron is excited to write WIN next to each game when we come home from the big match-ups!  Woo-pigs!
 Beans.  Who knew.  A couple of dried beans, some shovels and bowls on a blanket would keep these people busy for an hour!  An hour!  Yes!  The clean up was not bad either!  I just gathered up the sheet and poured it into that blue box then poured that into a very large ziploc baggie!  Tada!
 More chalkboard!  Red is writing her name.
 We have watched countless hours of Disney Jr and PBS, but I start to get worried when my kids know the words to some of the intro music for their favorite shows!  So I am trying to limit the television and movies.
We have a slide that I brought in from the outside and that has been good and bad (seeing that they cannot slide at the same time, a few fights have broken out)!
This morning, I even took the kids outside (but it was 8)!  Yes, I am sure that my neighbors love me after listening to a shrieking match with the kids and me constantly yelling, "don't touch the dog's poop!"  The joys of motherhood!
I am also working with Red on potty training.  I have started that just today, and I cannot wait to write the biggest blog post ever about that!  I was going to start it last week, but a friend, Raven sent me informed me about this E-Book, 3 Day Potty Training website here, and I have a whole new outlook on this experience!  So far, it has been a long day, but there has been 1 success!  More to come on that.  Anyways, I have been so close to her all day, reading, playing, and singing (she even told me to go to my room)!  As you can tell, we are in very close quarters, so if you are doing something super fun at your home, please help a mutha out!


Angie said...

I've got nothing...looks like you are definately doing better then me! My kids are just wrecking the house and watching netflix until I get frazzled and make them go outside for 10 mins or so...then we do it all over again!!

Mrs. Swaddle said...

Wow, looks like your life is filled with excitement. I don't remember trying to touch poo when I was young. :)