Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tiny Dancer

The time has come!  We are so excited that Red has been enrolled into a pre-ballet, tap, and tumble class at a local dance school, Infiniti!  We signed up last week, and within the hour we had purchased our first pair of ballet and tap shoes with a pink tutu and matching tights!  Tiny dancer was so happy to wear her new "ball-derina stuff".  For the past few days the noise has been ratta, tat, tap, with her tap shoes, and we have been practicing pointing our toes and all of the different positions in our ballet shoes.  You have to know that I have it all on film!  I am the mom-arrazi!
Tear!  Her first time in a ballet shoe.  So precious!
Here she is in her tap shoes!  She loves to run around on the kitchen floor!  (It is okay, I am taking Advil to get through all of the tapping)!
Here she is, all done up and ready to go to dancing school!
Pure preciousness!  She is even pointing her toe!
The class was an hour long and there were only 3 little girls in the class (how on earth do they have a bigger class??  I do not know, I was nervous for the teacher with three, three year olds, but Ms. Sarah was wonderful!  I guess there is a class of 13 later in the evening!
They did some ballet for the first few minutes, then changed to tap, I think I heard some rustling of some pom poms, then they did about 20 minutes of tumbling (trampoline, balance beam, parachute, forward rolls, and chasing a hula hoop (they loved this)!

 When we got into the car, Red said, "I had a real nice time".
I just laughed!  So, I guess we will continue with this activity!!
Bring on the leotards and tutus!!

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