Friday, August 3, 2012

Where a kid can be a kid!

Last night, Aron and I decided that we would take Sophia to Chuckee Cheese to celebrate her turning 3!  We invited our family and had a fun time eating pizza, playing games, and chasing Sophia and Brayden!  After 2 hours of that place, we (me and Aron) were beat, but the kids..... not so much!  They did not even tire out until about 9:45!  Geez!  Where in the world do they get their energy?
The birthday girl!
Annalee, Aunt Kitty, Uncle Jason
 Jason and G-Daddy
(J was posing as if it was a silly senior portrait, remember all of the funny poses that you were told to do for senior portraits?) 

playing games!  I got to play a few games of skee ball and pinball!  Love them the best!
Aidan and Aunt LeAnne

 dinner time!


 I just thought this was so funny!
 I think that he was having a fun time

 Uncle Richard and Mercedees!  Her birthday is in a few days, so maybe we can go back for hers!!?
 He loves Barney on television.  Not so much in real life.

 and here we are..... our family picture to remember the fun time we had at Chuckee Cheese for Red's 3rd birthday!!  This was as good as it gets, we could stand together only to play a game!! Ha

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