Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Nutzo Week in Review

First things first, today is my sister LeAnne's birthday.  So.... here we go!!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to LeAnne......
Happy Birthday to you!!!!
I love love love you sista!

2.  For some reason this week, the kids have not been so fond of naps!  No matter what we do, they just are not getting sleepy!  I do not know what is going on with them!  So, we have been doing a lot of extra curricular activities.  This week, we have gone to walk on some nature walks.  These walks have been miles!  yes, miles long!  We were so excited about our adventures because we saw frogs, a deer (which I believe if we had something besides cheeto balls for it to eat it totally would have come to hang out with us... it was so not afraid!), some salamanders, and squirrels.  We were right in the middle of the woods. Crystal Bridges trails, and these kids could not have been happier!
Bray before the walk began!
Red stopping to say cheese for the camera!
 Yes, this is a glamorous photo of myself, proof that I did in fact walk the miles that I am claiming!
 My super awesome brother Richard!  He was willing to go and help me with the monkeys, I mean the kids.  Yeah, the kids!
Here are the kids just touching the art.

And, here are my children taking it a step further by hitting it and then beginning to climb it like it was Mt. Everest or something...

So yes, with the all of the walking this week, I walked about 7 miles!  Go me!  Hopefully, I can keep it up for the following week.  In fact, I should start a walking group for mothers that need to break out of the house with their kids, but are too scared to take them to a restaurant or store or something.  We should all meet up at the trails, and let the kids run/ walk a few miles and act like crazy animals, kids.

3.  Meet our fury chicky friend!
 Yes, we went on a trip to the fair.  By far, the most exciting thing to do there was pet the baby chicks, and I desperately wanted to keep one and take it home, but then I saw how Sophia was attempting to hold it (by the neck!! Yikes!), so we left Chicky there with her brothers and sisters:(

4.  I am not sure if it has anything to do with all of the outdoor time we have been having, but the kids have started to have a horrible runny nose.  Snot is so the worst!  Yesterday, the snot turned into a barking cough!  So, now we are spending some time at home with the humidifier, cool drinks, and playing.  We have been playing a lot of Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Disney cartoon).  I never get to be one of the kid pirates, I have to be Hook or the bird... BOO!

 Sophia was very excited that her map led her to a buried treasure!  I was hiding play jewelery and she was so proud to wear her new stuff!  (although, none of the stuff is in the photo, I really thought that she liked it!?)

5.  With all of the yuckiness at our house, we will be missing church tomorrow.  In the morning the kids will be promoted into their new Sunday school classes.  Sophia will be in the 3 year old Sunday school.  Two of my girl friends are teaching the class, and I could not think of two sweeter Christian women to teach my baby about Jesus.  They even sent their kids in the class a note in the mail (which Red was so glad to open) introducing themselves as her teachers and how they were glad to be spending the year learning about Jesus.  Awesome!

 6.  With all of the craziness that is my life, I just really need to reach out to another mutha, that could be just as tired as I am....  please view the picture and then continue on with the story.. Pray for me
I used to be a cute girl.  I would shower everyday, brush my teeth before noon, not use my t-shirt that I am wearing that day as a snot rag for children, and for pittys sake I would not wear an outfit during the day then sleep in it that night and then wake up in the morning and wear it to Wal-Mart!!  Well, Friday was just one of those days where I wore an outfit for a few days and then dressed it up with a headband and my nice flip flops (the ones that do not have paint on them).  As the kids were watching Super Why, I saw my moment to quickly go and get ready....
Well, I slapped on my bra, did not take time to change out of my previous days/ night time outfit, tried to pull my hair back (as you can see in the above photo I did a pretty poor job), I put on concealer (under my eyes and a line down the middle of my head, I do this and I do not know why.. it makes me feel very Last of the Mohican's), and all of a sudden Red comes in and starts going through the make up brushes and lipsticks, then Brayden comes in pulling stuff out of the cabinet, the Red says she has to pee, so off we run to the other bathroom... (which that was successful!!), we all ate a Skittle for her job well done, put on our shoes, changed Braydens diaper and then off we went to the store, Wal-Mart, the main store in our town, at lunch time (okay 11, but close enough), there are always people at Wal-Mart... always.  Anyways, we were in and out in about 25 minutes (diapers, wipes, toilet paper, bread, apple juice, coke, chicken nuggets, yogurt, bananas... ya dig.  We leave the store get the kids in the car and I look in the rear view mirror to make sure I am not going to run over anyone...... and what do I see?
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest Mommy of them all....
$5 says the mirror did not say me!!
Why would it?
I was sporting concealer (not rubbed in concealer all over my face)!  I even tried to blend it in, but it was dried on my face... very much like paint!  I looked like a football player with pale skin tone paint blotted all over my skin!  Needless to say, the concealer was not concealing anything that day, it was much more the high-lighter of every facial flaw I had that day!
I looked ri-donk!!
Why would someone not say, hey hey looker, check your face paint, or maybe ya got something right there!  Nothing!  All I could do was sit in the parking lot and call my mother.  All my mother could do was laugh!!  (It was okay, by that time I was laughing too!)

 7.  I saw this picture on my friend Cara's face book page, and I just had to steal it!  I was talking to my Bucky (grandfather) this week and the kids started yelling and singing right when our conversation started!  This always happens.  When you need to get on the phone or go to the bathroom, the kids have to be right at your side acting nutty!  At one point in the phone call, Bucky said, I will let you go it sounds like your busy at your house, and I said not busy at all, it is always like that!  So, when I saw this I had to put it on the blog!
 Do your kiddos do this to you?  Or is it only mine that are doing this?  Too funny!

 8.  Last thing.  This is our kitchen table.  It has 4 chairs and right now 2 of them are in the process of being painted!  I am going to do the bottom of the table and the 4 chairs red and the top of the table a dark wood stain.  Hopefully, this will be done by the end of the week.  I am having a few girl-friends over and their kids are coming for a play date, and they may need a place to sit and eat dinner!  So, project out with the old and in with the new is in the works this week!  Update soon!



sl said...

I remember those days! Enjoy them your babies will grow up so soon! Been there done that! My daughter never wanted to nap. But I have the suna nd water(pool) to be the perfect thing to get her to take a good nap. Try it. Take yourself a nap too.Motherhood is hard work!!

Jennifer said...

I seriously do the same thing with my clothes! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who stays in the same thing for a couple of days...and wears it to Walmart! I always feel like people are staring at me in walmart because I look so terrible.