Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where did the time go??

Where is the time going?  This was us, 3 years ago.
You and me and your dad holding the camera.
We could not believe that you were on your way, a month early!  We were not ready, but we managed.  Right now the time is 3:50, this time 3 years ago, I had already been pushing for about 30 minutes!  Who knew baby pushing could be so difficult (not I).... I pushed and pushed and pushed until 6:21!  I know!  Longest time ever!  What?  I didn't know nothing bout birthing no babies!! (ha)
Finally, you decided that you would make an appearance!
We had no idea the happiness you would bring into our lives.
You have made us smile every single day for 3 years!
Everyday, for the past 3 years, you have filled our hearts with so much happiness (sometimes I feel like I could just bust at the seams)!
We have thanked God everyday for you
We are so proud of everything that you do and that you will do.
 We just love you so much Sophia!
 Happy Birthday to our precious Little Red

 Love, Daddy, Mommy, and BuhBuh

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