Monday, August 15, 2016

Look out T.J., cause here comes the Foresee duo!!

It has been a big day around here!  We took the littles to school this morning!  Hallelujah!!  That is right y'all, summertime has come to a close, and I survived my stay at home momma gig!  I can honestly say that, it was the best!  I was a teeny bit sad it is over (okay, a lotta bit sad), but I knew this time was coming and they would eventually have to return!  So happy happy day!
I know what y'all are thinking... where is their chalkboard??!
Whomp, whomp!  Mommy fail!  (Honestly, ain't nobody got time for that, I barely had enough time to search for a clean bra this morning!  #JustSayin)
My happy people.  It was a bit touch and go with Bray this morning, I may have bribed him with a treat if he put on his clothes and went to school.  (That is right, I bribed him.  Go ahead and judge me!)

 Here, Bray was thinking about running.  I think the only thing that stopped him was the car line to the left, and he did not want to get run over.
 The excitement was building!!
 Kid you not, he walked right in, sat down and started working on his color sheet!  Is it me or does he look at least 6?  He is so grown up!
 This is his teacher.  I think he will love her a lot!  In the whole few minutes I have had with her, she seems nice, and her hair is great.  I love a gal with good hair!
 He remembered how to write his name!  He is kind of a genius.
 This is him watching me walk away, he looks so upset.  I just do not know how he will survive the day without me!  I should probably go back and pick him up.
Please note, he could care less that I am walking away and leaving him with a whole buncha people he does not even know.  I just left him with strangers, and he is fine with it!  #PeaceOutMomma
 Sweet daddy talking to his Sophia before walking into her class.
 This girl was ready, and I know she will do awesome this year!
 O my, I was obvi holding onto the desk because I did not want to leave her!
Ummm, geez the cleavage!  I was going to an elementary school, not Dickson St..  Glad those things did not fly out and hit any small children in the face!  Sheesh.  #ThingsINoticeNow #KeepTheBubbiesUnderWraps

 Already beginning her work.
 Her teacher is so cute, I know Sophia is going to be happy in her class!
 Welp, here we are walking out of the building.  No tears.
 So far the morning has been very quiet.  I have done laundry, cleaned picked up toys (that took all of my energy, so now I blog), made all of the beds, cleaned out the computer cabinet (now I will not have to hold up stacks of color books and papers while opening the doors to the cabinet... I can get to the computer and can blog again), wipped all of the toothpaste off of my side of the bathroom (it was disgusting and has been like that for weeks... but I am not as OCD about that kind of thing), I have started dinner (BOOM, roast), and cleaned the kitchen.
It is a big day friends!

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Anonymous said...

If I knew you in real life, we would be friends! You.are. Hilarious!!