Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slow Wednesday...

I'm gonna be honest, the house today is sooooo quiet.  We are on day three of school, and I am missing the kids terribly!  Not so terribly that I am leaving right after I blog this to go to their school and pick them up, but so terribly that I have decided that I will go and pick them up at the end of the school day!  That is right, I am a bit lonely, but I think I can find a few things to do around the house to fill my day (laundry, pick up toys, clean the kitchen, scrub the shower.... that has been on my to do list for nearly 3 years).
I just scrubbed the shower.  It was fa-reeking disgusting and I was reminded why I have not been a super fan of cleaning it in the past.  There was a reason why it has been on the to do list for so long... no one wants to spend that much time scrubbing soap scum!  Yuck!  No bueno!  (That is Spanish for no good... I am bilingual and now I share what I know with you, your welcome)!  I would share a picture of how clean the shower looks, but remember I am a hoarder and I have about 7 bottles of half used empty product in the shower, and I just do not want to go overboard with my cleaning.  I need something to work on tomorrow.

Anyways, so far this week has been so good, and that picture was of them this morning before we left.  The littles are in L-O-V-E with school!  They have made a new friend each day (Brayden cannot remember any of their names, but he says they are close).  When they get in the car each day, you can just feel the happiness as they both start talking (at the same time) about their day.  Then a fight happens, because one of them wants to talk first, then I have to try to decide which one should talk first, then shoving happens, and then I am reaching in the back to break up the shoving, and then I start sweating because I still have on the heater (yes, it is summer, but hello... Raynauds), and did I mention that we are still in the car line and the teachers are all standing there looking at the car of me and mycrazy cats!  Sheesh!  So much for looking like the momma that has it all together with totally together littles.  (FYI, I know that the above is a loooooog run on sentence, but I type like I talk and you can imagine me being winded while trying to get that whole blurb out... no pausing).
Anyways, we get home and have snacks and the afternoons have been good.  We go through back packs and I dig through the cabinets trying to figure out what I could throw together to make for dinner for Aron and I (the kids would never eat what I would make, so I just give them catsup and chocolate milk (we are healthy over here).
Yesterday, we sat and played Harry Potter for a while.  The kids are still very serious about learning spells, so we spend about 40 minutes trying to make it work, then they give up and watch a bit of tv).
Here is Sophia really concentrating on turning a Minion bucket into a cat (see the cat right next to the bucket?  Shortly after the spell she kicks the bucket from the table and the cat is sitting there... Magic!
 Here is Baby Bear holding the Harry Potter book, hopeful that the spells will just come to him.  He does not know how to read, but reviews the book just like he was really reading it.  I love him.
Note to self... looking at this picture, I am seeing why I have been doing laundry non stop since April, this is what he changed into when we got home from school.  Sweat jacket and pajama pants, and this was not even the only outfit he put on after school.  (I will never ever get done with the clothes!)
So, school is good!  We are excited to be back!
Yesterday, I went for a substitute teacher training with my mom (yes, we just do everything together).  I am hoping that a few days or every day of the week, I could fill up the school hours subbing.  This way I can still take and pick kids up from school!  I am excited to see if it will work out.  At this time, I am not totally ready to get back to the "corporate world", and am hoping that spending a bit extra time at home with my people would be better for me (and them too).  We shall see.
I mean, do I really want to miss this kind of stuff???
Sophia reading the whole book order pamphlet to me...
 Or Brayden intently looking for every Star Wars book for us to order, and then he explains how he has so much monies (which is really about 14 pennies and a couple of Chuck E Cheese tokens).
Almost 3 hours left until slow Wednesday turns into a busy Wednesday!
Must admit, I am kind of anxious to see my littles.

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