Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our life in photos...

 It has been a while since I have been blogging, and I know my 10s of readers (my parents mom (my dad has no clue that I have a blog... for 6 years, my Moss (someone has to read it to her, bless her she could not probably find it on the internets, and then my husband (to make sure that I do not say anything too nutty), and well, that is all.  I guess there is probably not 10s of readers, just 3s of them.  Anyway, I know you have just been heartbroken and missing me (not really though since I see all above readers on the reg).  It is not that there is nothing to say, it has just been so much going on!  
Who knew, being able to stay home with the littles would keep me this busy!  We have been playing dating, swimming, picklin', camping, just living!
There we are.  Just in case you guys have forgotten what we look like.  This is our kinda family picture, possibly Christmas card worthy??  We cannot take anything serious, and no one can be still enough for a photo, so this will have to do!
It has been such a great few months, and I just cannot believe that the sweet summertime is coming to a close!  (tiny tears)  The kids only have 5 more days until school starts back up!
Red will be heading off to 1st grade (I know, I still am in shock over this... wasn't this chick just born)?  Then Brayden (my sweet sweet baby bear) will be in kindergarten!  (holding back tears.... just kidding, I am sobbing!)

Babies.  When did they grow??  I feel like I just blinked, and poof!!  Tiny people!
I figure there is so much that has been happening and I am not feeling like recapping the whole summer in 15 posts, so this just might be a summertime photo dump from my phone.
If we are friends on FB or instagram, you will be like... "oh, how NOT fascinating, she has posted all of this stuff.  Boo!"
And I will be like, " Ummm, I get it.  I will post new stuff tomorrow!  Today though phone dump!
Then you'll be all, "okay."
So, to my 3s of readers... enjoy!

A few days ago, my grandmother invited the kids and I to our local children's museum, the Amazeum.  After our visit, we ventured to the Bucky Ball.  It was a sweet moment to spend with my Moss.  The whole time I was thinking about my Bucky (that was my grandfather), and I was also thinking geez, can my kids just sit still and enjoy the Bucky Ball!  Ha!  They were full of energy, and making my cray-zay!!
 After a few minutes of being there, I captured this shot of my Moss looking at the sunset.  I am sure my Bucky was sitting in heaven with our Creator just watching her, watching me, and watching the littles.

 Uncle Richard stopped in and gave the kids Harry Potter wands!  Excitement!  Now the kids are so pumped about learning magic and putting these wands to use. (Hopefully, not as weapons, but probably as weapons)
 Sweet Sophia turned 7!  For her big week, she received an American Girl Doll.  She was over the moon.  I was thinking ughhhhh, please do not cut her hair, get her dirty, or put her in the sink for a bath (but have fun with her, enjoy her... lightly)!  Those American girls are a bit pricey, but ohhhh the happiness.  It was worth it.

 My amazing friend Robin made her cookies, Barbie themed
 My niece got "carried away" helping me with the balloons!
 She and my sister were troopers to help doll up Sophia's friends.  Manicures and pedicures, make up, and hair galore.
 Little brother, always trying to be the star-

 We have become obsessed with this snapchat...
 My aunt and cousin came for a visit, and we went out and had family lunch.
 my guys.
 my momma
 one of the brothers.

 sweet face
 Red at the dam
 My guy, I promise he was happy. 
 We went to see Jesus over Eureka... it was a bazillion degrees

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I enjoy your blog so count me in as one of the readers that was more than happy to see you had posted!!!