Monday, August 22, 2016

Oh what a weekend...

Last week was so crazy!  Little sister went through rush week at college!  (rush week= process of meeting all of the sorority houses on campus and being picked to join one at the end of the week)  Ugh, it was so stressful!  I am sure that it was overwhelming for her, but myself and the parents were a mess of worry!  She kept us in the dark all week.  We would call (because we are not good at giving space) and ask what was going on, what was she lovin' or not lovin'... and sister gives us nothing, zip, nada info!  So by Saturday morning, we were just ready to find out if she would be given a bid from a house.
We got down there a few minutes early to walk to the Greek Theater on campus.  On the way, we walked over my name!!
It is a big deal, you graduate you get your name on the sidewalk with the rest of the graduating class.  It is fun to walk around and see all of the names of people who have attended this campus and are all Razorbacks!  (I am over the moon that my sister chose to come to this school and now her name will be here too!)
Back to rush...
Y'all, this week is so intense.  I went through rush back in the olden days, and I remember it being a crazy week of ups and downs and wondering if a house would ask me to join them. The whole rush event has gotten so much bigger and so crazy!  We went down to Fayetteville on Saturday to watch bid day (see what houses the girls will be chosen to go "home" to, and I was so surprised to see 1400 girls holding these bid day envelopes!

Then to see all of the girls from the houses cheering, chanting, dancing, and singing (talk about sensory overload).  All momma could say is, "well, they are still playing the same music that Caryn used to listen to when she was in college... too bad the music has not gotten any better!"
It made me laugh, love the little things that we noticed!
We searched for her the whole time, but were not able to spot her in the sea of crazy excited girls.  Good thing she found us!  She ran up screaming (which scared me to death and made me pee my pants... what?  I am super honest here and all 10s of you know I have bladder issues).  What was most exciting to see was her face and this little card that showed the house that she would now call home...
It is the Kappa Delta house!  This was my house, so I guess if we were ever concerned about not being sisters (which we are not... have you seen us we look super similar), then we are now double sisters, super sisters, True true sisters (Hello, Elsa and Anna reference).
I am so excited for her!  Glad that the week is over and she survived, and so glad that the house chose my baby sister!  Now she will be part of a house of sweet sweet girls.  This just sets my heart at ease! I hope that she loves it!

So excited for the journey she will start with this group of girls!
She and her bestie Rachel started classes today, and I am just praying for a good week!  That first week of school was so crazy fun, just realizing you are kinda your own boss was a lil scary but a whole lotta fun!!
Have a fun week!

While I was rushin' around campus, Aron was taking kids to and fro soccer practices!  Our fall sports started up and the kids were pumped.  This is Brayden's first time to play soccer, and he even scored a goal (he obvi has my sports talent (hehe).

 sweet guy!

Ugh, he is so cute!  That tush!
 On Sunday, Sophia graduated to the first grade class at church, we call this promotion Sunday.  She was called up to the front of the church and presented a Bible.

My baby is growing up, and I cannot wait for her to share in my love of reading the Bible and have a growing love for Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly love love your blog!!! So keep up the work. I have been a reader for a long while and enjoy watching your kiddos grow up. I had been missing your blog. I am from SW Georgia and I also read Kelly's Korner which is how I found your blog. Keep up the good work and btw, I think you will make a stupendous sub teacher!! You should get more pay since you do have a college degree....hope you enjoy it tool I know the kiddos will love having you home with them. Keep on keeping on....hugs from south south GA (Cairo, close to the Tallahassee, Fl line)
GiGi in Georgia