Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Woo Pig Sooooie!!

In case you could not tell, this post will be all things Razorbacks!  That's right y'all, I live in the south where we like our tea sweet, like our biscuits buttered (with a side of butter... or maybe that is just me), and we like our college football.  I must tell ya, I have not always been a HOG fan, I mean I went to school in Fayetteville, and never attended a game.  I know, it just was not my thing, and I even had a free ticket (not really that free, I am sure that was included somehow in my tuition and on campus parking pass, but whatev... to me it was free).  My love for those piggies did not really happen until after I graduated.  My family started getting very excited about the games, we had season tickets, and BOOM I was Hog Wild y'all!  The kids have been to every game since they were born, so they have a BIG love for the Razorbacks too.  It is just a fun thing that we can do with our family.
So, last week, Aron advised that we were going to fan day for the team.
I was all, "what do you mean, I have to go."
He was like, "yes, you are going."
Internally, I was thinking fan day sh- manday.
So yesterday morning, I was already dreading it.  Those kids that I love sooooooo much, were making me nuts.  That husband I love was making me crazy (he had just biked like 20 miles and he walked in all super fit and sweaty, and it just irritated me to the MAX).  
I know, y'all are shocked.  I know I am pretty much happy happy joy joy, love my kids and my man friend, but yesterday.... BOO!  (Aron if you are reading, know that I am completely obsessed with you... I am lucky... muah (that is a kiss noise)!)
So anyways, I told him that I was not going.  Invite other people, I just did not want to do it, I needed to do laundry.  (Ha, worst excuse ever, but it was all I had on such short notice).
His response was how would he get players autographs if he had to watch the kids.
I cannot tell you my internal response, because this is a PG blog, and I like to keep it christian (if ya know what I mean).
Well, the time was a ticking and he loaded up his children into the car, I went to the bathroom to avoid them all completely.  I knew if I looked them in the eye, they would somehow get me to come with them, and I am weak.  So there I am, sittin' in the bathroom (not on the potty, what am I 5?), looking at the disgusting old toothpaste on the counter thinking that will be the first thing I do once they leave, and Aron comes in to the house one more time.... "we are leaving".
Needless to say, the sadness in his voice got me, and off to fan day shhhhmanday I went.
Let me add, I love those Razorbacks, but sometimes you just need a lil bit of time to yourself.
We got down to the field, and the weather was so nice and the atmosphere was so exciting.  The football players everywhere, the mascots, the cheerleaders.... and Elsa (I know, but it was totally awesome)!
The kid had the best time, and Brayden and Sophia were on cloud 9 too!
 The Foresee fam takes the field...
 Sophia was so excited to take pictures with the cheerleaders and pom squads!
 The Boot (some of my family in Louisiana may not have seen it lately).  #JustSaying #FamilyRivalry #StillLoveThem

 The truck that pulls Tusk
 Scary pig (his eyes light up red before the players run outta the gate)
 Tusk.... not so cute up close.

 The kids were so excited (and surprised) that Tusk stomped all of his autographs!  This is a framer for the Foresee babes.

 Me having a fun time at fan day.  Who knew?

 Ummmm, yeah!  The princess' were there too!  Everyone loves a Razorback (even Disney gals)

 Love this picture.  The line was forever long to meet and get an autograph from our coach, Bret Bielema, so I told Aron to stand next to the tent (that BB was in).  As I was snappin' the pic, I was soooooo very close to yelling, "Hey Bret... or I love you Bielema.... or Aron loves Bret", then I knew he would look at us, and I would have a pic of him and Aron (not so much together, but together... ya dig?)  I did not though, I knew that Aron would die.  I would have to carry him off of the field.  I was already holding my purse, it just woulda been too much.  So, I just snapped it like this.  They would have so been besties had they met.  #IBielemaThat #GetIt #ShouldBeIBelieveThat #ButIWroteBielemaInstead #LameHashtags

 They have no idea that is a statue of Frank Broyles, they just wanted to hang on his arm.

 To see the mascots up close... the Foresee babes were in heaven!

 Playing games
 Sweet Sophia and another cheerleader... and then there was Sue E (insert heart emoji... but I cannot, so I will just write heart emoji)!

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