Thursday, August 18, 2016

She's only been gone 6 whole days....

Insert sad cry face...
I know I have yet to talk about it on the blog, but we took the baby to college.  (Not my baby, for the ones of you that are trying to do the math!)  Little sister was taken to college 6 days ago, and I feel like she has been gone for months!
 The rooms seem so much smaller than I remember!!  (or maybe I am just a bit bigger... tall wise!  hehe)
 Daddy watching Bray fight a pillow.

I know that she probably does not feel like it has been a whole 6 days she has been gone, since she has me and momma en nem calling and texting her so much! (FYI, the "momma en nem" translation is "momma and them" and the "them" would be like daddy, Moss, and the brothers!) We are not even giving her any time to miss us!
I was so excited to drop those littles off at school this morning, because I had already planned a quick run to her school (did I mention she is only about 30 minutes away) to pick her up and take her to lunch!  The excitement!  So much, that I did not even get teary eyed when I dropped the littles off at the door of their school and Bray grabbed Sophia's hand as they walked in the building!  (This picture was right before the hand grab, and then the car line began to move!  No more photos after that!!)
Gosh, just when I think I can't love these two any more, they prove me wrong! (and why are they not that loving all of the time?)
Anyways, so I went and picked up momma and we drove to see little sister.  She wanted to try out a "new to us" restaurant, Hammontrees.  Ummmm, can I just say the menu was all hot dogs and grilled cheese.  (What is this place, for 6 year olds?)  Nope, I guess there is a big need for adult grilled cheeses!  I rolled my eyes when picking something to eat, but y'all... it was soooooo good!!  I kind of wanted to try like 6 of the grilled cheeses, but sadly did not!  I knew I had to come home and prepare a birthday dinner for my sil, LeAnne!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!  We love your face!

Back to my lunch, it was good to be with Katie.
I have missed her terribly, and I know my parents are feeling the same way.  This is just a little glimpse of how it will be to send off Little Red and Baby Bear to college... then I will not be able to bear it!  They will have to live with us forever (I am sure Aron is thinking that is crazy)!  I know that Katie will do BIG things at college and make wonderful memories, just so thankful that momma and I can pop in for quick breakfast and lunch dates with her to make sure that she doesn't miss us tooooo badly!

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