Thursday, February 28, 2013

adventurin' with Annalee

Last week, my niece was out of school for her February break.  She is 9 years old and so good with the kids, they love being with her so much:-)  Every morning the kids would wake up and just wait for their girl (I would too, while she was here I could do other things like:  brush my teeth, make appointments, go to the bathroom..... Alone, cook, laundry)!  She helped me with the kids at their first dental appointment (which made me feel like as horrible momma, my Red had some cavities... Sad face), she went with me to my first dentist appointment in over 4 years (don't judge), she even helped the babies with their Valentines, helped us make surfboards out of huge pieces of cardboard, and then we would ever go on some walks at some local trails (my babies call them adventure walks!)
*Everyday Annalee went home my sweet girl was worn out and would take a nap:-)   I'm so thankful she could spend the week with us, even though we wore her out!

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