Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awe, our guy is all grown up!!!!

Y'all, my Bucky has turned 80, and oh my goodness, a celebration was had!!  On Friday evening, we had a meet and greet for all family and friends over at momma and daddy's house.  It was a Mardi Gras themed party, and all in attendance came in a mask!!  The food was delicious, and decor was over the top spectacular, and the company... well I was with people that I love most!  So, welcome to the kick off party for Bucky's Birthday Bash weekend!!
Me and Bucky (he was the King of Mardi Gras)
 Tiny tots before the party
 Annalee, LeAnne, the Bear, Red is giggling on the left
 This was our craft of the day, masks.  Needless to say, the eye holes were a wee bit large and made me an my babies look like a couple a luchadores (Mexican wrestlers).... You be the judge.
Well.... See any resemblance?
anyways, back to the party.
This is my cousin Morgan, such a beauty and just loved on all of the babies at the party.
 my little luchadore
 some of my Bucky's buddies that came to celebrate
Over the past month or so, I had been gathering family photographs and everyone's most special memories.  I then had them all put into a special book for Buck
 My Moss and Mrs Lolita Jean
 Sisters, niece, and my cousin Sadie on the far right
Aron and LeAnne

My baby brother and husband
 My baby and my Uncle David (who will soon be moving here!!!)

Moss and her dear friend Sammy

My Aunt Lauren and Morgan

my Aunt Cathy
Chatting' it up with Mrs King

Me and my momma (hostess with the mostess)

LeAnne and the birthday boy
Bucky with his BIL, Royce

"Sisters dishing out deliciousness"

I guess by now, I realized my mask looked more craycray than festive so I guess I just decided to wear it as a strange headband/ tiara?  Lord help me, this is why I will never be a fashion diva!

really, I don't even think the pictures do justice for how beautiful this party was.... Momma sure know how to make the house look great!

yes, don't most 80 years old men's birthday parties have glow sticks?  
Bucky and Carter (great grandson)

momma handing out beads to Uncle Royce
Couple a lookers

Bucky directing his great grand babies with a glow stick

Michael and joani

Sammy and her handsome man friend.  Funny story, I took this picture then she asked to see it, so I pulled up the picture for her to review.... I am shoeing it to her and she said, "I can't see that, I just can't see", hello awkwardness.  I went around the rest of the night feeling dumb for showing this blind woman a photo.  For the rest of the weekend, I was walking up to her grabbing her hand and saying, "its me, Caryn (probably saying it loudly, J.I.C (just in case) she was hard of hearing..... I don't know y'all!  Anyways, I just found out, she is not blind just is impaired in one eye.  She probably thinks I'm a nut job.

Me and my baby sis
Joani and her son Carter

aunt Lauren and Madi Kay

Jason and Aunt Cathy

Bro and sis

Richard and mercedees

the shindig was a success, precious memories :-) 


Cory said...

Aww! Bucky is adorable! And wow... your chicks have grown. :( Haha! They are super adorable!

Angie said...

Looks like another great party hosted by your momma. Your mask may have been a little wonky, but your hair looks lovely!