Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Snow Bunnies!

If you live in NWA or are on FB and Twitter and friends with people that live in NWA, then you are probably aware that we got snow (at my house it was an inch, but snow is snow)!  It was all the talk on social media for our town.  People taking pictures of it snowing, the trees in their yard covered in snow, their kids inside looking out the window at the snow, a car in the snow filled ditch.... Ya understand! People love to show their pictures, and people I lo-urve to look at your pictures!  Anywho, after much thought and about 30 minutes dragging out coats, only 2 gloves (boy glove and a girl glove), shirts, about 6 pairs of socks, pants, scarves, and hats, I felt that I had enough apparel for my babies to stay warm and be incredibly uncomfortable!  By the time I got everyone suited up (Red had to pee... Shock!, and I was sweating profusely!), 20 minutes had gone by and we couldn't wait to play in the snow!!!!  Well, Red and I couldn't wait to get in the snow, the Bear was no it a fan of the stuff.

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