Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've been working on the railroads......

This past Christmas and on baby Bear's 2nd birthday, he received a lot of Thomas the Train things.  All I have to say is, those tracks once they are set up can take up a whole rooms floor space!  I don't know how many times we have sat in the floor attaching these train tracks, making train towns, and running these trains up down and around the corner!  Bray loves them, so my new love is building these train cities!!  It gets to be a bit much, and now Red has been bringing in her barbies and they are now these giants who just bust everything up (trust me... The breakdowns are a plenty!)

So, if you have a lover of all things trains in your home, how do you store it all?  Train table, big Tupperware bins, shove it under the bed?  I can't decide if those super cute train tables are worth it!

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Mauree said...

My boys always preferred to make the trains on the floor (still do). The train table was rarely used (except maybe to crawl on top and jump off or something). We eventually gave the train table away. We store the train stuff in baskets under their bed. They can pull it out and build and then push it back under their bed.