Saturday, February 23, 2013

Craftin' Extraordinaire.....

I am not, but I do love trying!  My teeny tinys are very busy bodies, and I am constantly trying to catch up!  Most days, I am able to get them to slow down by getting out colors, paper, glitter (yes, I said it, glitter), And stickers.  The kids love it and I love that they love it and we are sitting down... I love that... For at least 10 minutes! Ha!
for my grandfather's birthday party, we decided that it should be Mardi Gras theme.  Everyone should attend wearing a mask.... Thus the mask making would begin!!
For each mask we used:
Foam paper (found at Walmart/ craft store), hole punch, ribbon to tie the mask on, scissors to cut eye holes (beware how big the masks eye holes get.... Could get a lil luchadoreish), glue, glitter!!  I'm sure you could make them way cooler by adding stickers, plastic gems, or  something fun like feathers, but I was trying to keep it simple and just use what I had in my craft cabinet (yes, I have a cabinet... Okay closet with craftin' stuff)!
Point of the story, kiddos loved it and we are still wearing our masks, only now we are superheros when we are using them:-) 

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