Monday, February 25, 2013


Today, I drug out my old toy box.  Red and I had been playing Barbies, and I told her that I had some dollies when I was little and I had them in as secret place.  So, we opened up the box, and with it came many memories..... 
First thing that was found.... My Ken doll, who obviously moonlights as a Chippendale's dancer!  I'm not sure what this outfit is, but there's a shiny silver tux jacket, silver cumperbund, and white pants held up by red stripe suspenders.... Isn't he dreamy!  I adore his hair!  Barbie sure had herself a catch!!
I got online to see if in fact there was a Chippendale Barbie collection (as if my mother would have ever purchased any of the collection:-) ) and it turns out this guy was from the Barbie and the Rockers!  I had a few of those!  Now I understand his rocker look!

My second lil treasure was actually a two-fer!  It was a New Kids on the Block single tape of a Christmas song, This One's For the Children......the children of the world!  I so remember this song and Jordan Knight singing in his high pitch voice, ....
many people are happy
Many people were sad
This ones for the children, and I'm so glad...
Ugh, their stuff was sooooo deep!
I also found a NKOTB pin!  Best day ever!!
Maybe, I will wear it to one of their upcoming concerts....
In case ya haven't heard... They're back!!
I am really wanting to go to one of their concerts in the summer,
Anyone.  Anyone??
Y'all they were so the thing.  Jon Knight was the only other guy I loved besides Kirk Cameron.... And that obvi didn't work out (since my dad never sent Kirk my fan mail asking if he had a girlfriend (like he would have replied yes or no) asking if he did not in fact have a certain someone, I was available (what?), and then ending with what's your favorite color and here's my number (bless my heart) remind me to thank my dad tomorrow, it was pitiful my puppy love for those two!)
 Next, I came across a bajillion pieces to Barbie's Ice Cream Shop!  Dying!!  Did anyone else have this?  It really made ice cream, and those chairs doubled as the cups to hold your ice cream and Barbies bootie!  The coolest!!
The last piece of excitement was a love note... Torn into a bunch of teeny tiny pieces!  I guess my 5th grade self never thought about just throwing notes away, because my too much time on my hands 33 year old self would take 45 minutes to put it together!  Sad, I know!  I won't show it all put together for fear that someone would make fun off me begging this boy to be my boyfriend.  It was sad and sweet, if that's possible!
Needless to say, Mr Eugene never became my boyfriend:(  complete sadness!!  I never had a boyfriend.... ever, I had a crazy grill, brushed my curly hair, but my momma dressed me nice!

Anyways, this blast from the past has come to an end!  Did your parents keep any of your old treasures?  I'm so thrilled that mine did!

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