Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!

While planning Bucky's BIG 80th birthday extravaganza, we decided that a family portrait should be taken.  I mean, the man is turning 80, people were coming from near and far to celebrate our guy, and as I thought about it a lil bit longer,.....some of the last pictures that were taken of "our tribe" were many many moons ago!
Check it out, there's only 7 members of the tribe, and while I I love my father in a burnt sienna color leather sports coat and all of my sweet aunts  in all of their Farrah Fawcett-esk hair styles, I just thought.... Well, it is time. 
(Please note other family pictures have been taken since the late 70's, but I just adore this photo, posting anything besides this would totally overshadow this pic, and I do NOT want that happening)
Back to family photograph 2013!
I got in touch with my super fab photographer friend, Bethany to snap us.  The pictures were so so great.  I love that she was able to capture this moment of us.

then, me and mine.....

Thank you Bethany!!!!

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