Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beach Bod Ready??

This summer, our family will be hitting one of our favorite vacation hot spots!  We are so thrilled and can hardly wait.  It has been a while since we have made a trip to Gulf Shores, since last year, I was with child and could have delivered at any moment!  There was no way my volumptuous body could have made the 16 hour drive!  Yes, I said DRIVE!!

The time is quickly approaching and it is time that I admit that I have a problem.  Everyone, I have an eating disorder, and it is time that I get this under control. 

There will be no more late night cokes, or sweet tea mornings, mid-mornings, afternoons, mid-afternoons, okay, you get the drift!

I will no longer visit your fast food establishments!  So, McDonalds, Chick-fila, Taco Bell, stop it with the flashing lights as I drive by!  I am not stopping!

I will not be purchasing you Mr. NutterButter bars!  You can take a hike with your friends, Mr. Chocolate Chip cookie, Mrs. Frozen Pizza pocket, and any other tasty treat!

FYI, if you see me at Wal-Mart, and I have any of these items in my cart, give me a break!  I am in the early stages of my rehab program!  If you attend a playgroup, baby shower, or movie night at my home, try to not bring any attention to the junk foods I may have in the cabinets.  I am slowly breaking away from these things, it could take awhile.

This is all stemming from an incident that happened Sunday morning.  Let me set up the story:

Aron and I are getting ready for church.  I can never find anything to wear (although, my closet is filled with clothes).  I pull out a sweater dress.  Put it on, lovin the way it is looking from behind, until I turn to the side.  What is this?  Am I totally pregant?  Should I go and pee on a stick?
I ask Aron to come in and check me out.  I ask him, "Aron, do I look like I am with child?"
He says, "you look great!"
LIES, but whatever, I love this man.
So, I change into the cutest pair of pants and a red long sleeve sweater.  The outfit was nice.  I could sit comfortably without unbuttoning my pants.  (what like you guys do not ever do that)??
Get to church, everything is going well.
I am placing a baby on the play area, bending over, then into a squatting position, and R----IP!! 
OMG!  My pants totally ripped!  Right there in the FBC nursery!  I could have died.  All I was thinking was this would the the first peep show for these babies and nursery workers and that I was not wearing pretty panties (they were white with bright polka dots (what am I, 5 years old)!  I stood up, feeling the back side of my pants.  I know that my face was the brightest red ever.  I told Aron and Laura, I think that I totally just ripped my pants.  I did not want to turn around so they could tell me they were ripped, but I had to know, I could not spend the rest of the time at church with a hole the size of Texas in the back of my britches.  They quickly said, "no, you are fine, it did not rip!"
Did I believe them, no.
For the rest of the morning, I was sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby (this way it would look like I was working) or holding a baby with my back side facing the wall, or stepping away from others backwards.

Needless to say, we did not stay for Sunday school.

Got home took off the pants to investigate......and, there it is.  From the center back yolk of the pants to the crotch!  The lining of the pants ripped!!  Praise the Lord!!

I can no longer put myself in these crazy situations with the tighter pants!!  I must do something about it!

What do you do to go from flab to fab?  Are you a big dieter?  Do you just try to cut out the bad stuff or limit the intake of it?  Do you exercise? 

Just curious!

Love yal,


P.S.  Please do not think that I am down on myself, most of this post was to be funny!  Although, I am serious about getting into shape!!


Angie Farrer said...

Hi Caryn~ I recently started stopping by your blog every couple of days, and I am LOL every time I read one of your posts!!! I am also struggling to lose baby poundage right now and the only tip I can give is I have found that you suprisingly WILL NOT lose weight sitting on the couch every night watching DVR'd reality tv and/or Law Order SVU!! Who knew?Angie

How "Sweet" it is... said...

Not like I am in ANY position to give advice, but Weight Watchers has been my go-to plan for many years now...it helped get me back to pre-baby weight after both pregnancies. However, the fact that nothing is in the proper place...I'm stumped on that one myself! BTW, I think you look great!

Alicia said...

I feel your pain! We have a family reunion in Gulf Shores every year, and August of 99 I was about 9 YEARS pregnant,and didn't get to go. Summer of 2000 I had my sweet little man with me, and it was a blast! We are going this summer too. When are ya'll going? Maybe I can babysit Sophia, and you and Aron can go to Florabama or something!