Saturday, March 20, 2010


For those readers that get a little squeemish or skidish by the talk of things that crawl, creepers of the night, or waterbugs, this may be a post that you decide to not read.  Just a warning...

Picture it, it is an dark, cold, and early morning in the Foresee home.  The time was 2:14, and I had to get up out of the bed to use the restroom.  Normally, I will hold it, for fear that I could freeze to death if I escape from the electric blanket or that I could possibly wake Sophia up.  So sad, I could not hold it and the urge was keeping me awake!  Boo!  So I crawl out of bed, and go to the bathroom.

So, I am sitting there, trying to pee.  My eyes are still adjusting to the light, when I look at the floor in front of me (about 3 feet in front of me).  I see this brown raisin/ prune looking thing.  I kind of bed forward to try to focus on it and I notice the brown rasin/ prune thing has moving parts.  OMG!  Yes, I am still peeing. 

Now, I am thinking... "Humm...what am I going to do?"

1.  Look for a shoe. 
Dangit, no shoes in sight.  The one time I cleaned the bathroom of any shoes, clothes, towels, cleaning products.

2.  Should I yell for help? 
Dang, it is 2 in the morning.  I will wake up Sophia.  Aron is not a fan of creepy crawlers either, I am better on my own.

3.  Should I kill the creature? 
I hate killing things.  I do not want to be known as a murderer of God's creatures.  What if this thing has a family, and all he wanted to do was go on a stroll this evening, and he told his buggy family that he would be back soon after he found food.  (YIKES!  Yes, I have these thoughts.)

I stand up and step away from the toliet. 
Oddly, the creature, moves towards me, then he stops.  (It was like we were playing red light green light.  I look at the tissue and he moves towards me) 
I reach for a huge wad of toliet paper, and then he moves towards me again.

Now, I am thinking that this thing is totally messing with me.  He no longer wanted food for his family, he is going to carry me back to his family nest and they are going to kill me! 

I bend over quickly and put the paper over the bug.  It of course does not make a crunch noise, but I know that I have it.  It is no longer on the floor.  I turned the tissue over and there it is.....a cockroach!!!!  GAG, GROSS!  Heeby geebies Right!

Then the thing jumps out of the tissue.  So I start to go after it.  I place the tissue over it again.  I got it!

I pick it up and start to place it over the toliet, and the thing runs onto my wrist, up my arm to my night gown.

I freek out, start jumping around and slapping myself to get the thing off of me.  After what feels like an eternity, it fell onto the floor and I was able to pick it up and flush it to its new home!

Time:  2:27

Seriously, how could you sleep after that.  I laid in bed for about an hour with BUG EYES!!
We had the ceiling fan on and it would blow a strand of hair on my face or arm, and I would slap myself so hard.  If I felt something on my leg, I would twitch so badly.  Aron, even rolled over and placed his arm next to mine, and I wacked his arm to bits!  I just kept thinking about bed bugs and the roaches family coming for me.  I could picture them filing into our home and they were lining up around our bed getting ready to attack!  Remember that movie, Arachnaphobia?  Those spiders were thinkers.  They were totally predators and the people in that town were their prey!

I guess it is that time of year.  The bugs are trying to come into the house.  Needless to say, the bug man will be here on Monday!

Hope yal sleep well tonight!



Alicia said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How did you keep from screaming bloody murder! I could not have kept quiet! I would have woken up the neighboor! You are a braver woman than me!!!!

Anonymous said...

i wished u could see me laughing at this right now....i miss you so!!