Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Cannot Believe I Just Said That!

Goodness, my life has definately changed. 
Take a peak at some of the things that have recently come out of my mouth!

1.  Me:  "Aron, where are my good sweatpants?" 
Aron:  "you wore them yesterday"
(Yes, I am wearing sweatpants as an outfit staple.)

2.  Daily, I am making up songs that have the following words/ phrases:
yummer in the tummer
scrub that booty wash that tooty
using the word bottle in the form of a question:  'Bottle??"

3.  "Honey, do I have spit up in my hair, or did I get it all?"

4.  "Where is the baby?"  Then I go and retrieve her from underneath the coffee table.

5.  "She cannot wear that bib out, it has stains on it.  That is a stay at home bib!  Gosh!"  (Who am I Kate Gosselin?)

6.  "When you come home from work, I am going to take a shower."

7.  "Ummm, the baby food green beans are not that bad."

8.  "Quit moving, I just got my finger in poop!"

9.  "Chipper, come and eat!"  (This is yelled when I am feeding Sophia, or she is feeding herself)

10.  Me:  "Aron, are you sure that you love me?"
Aron:  laughing "Yes, you are the best part of my day."

Seriously, I am so in love with my life.



Lindsay said...

Love, love, love this! Made me smile. Miss you guys!! We've got to get together soon. We still haven't met Sophia in person.

How "Sweet" it is... said...

Caryn, I've said a version of many of your statements myself (all the time)!! I think I have more pajama pants than real pants, I am ashamed to say!