Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, It's Out There.

Sorry for the lack of posts blog world, but I have been hit up- down- and around the corner with the strep throat stick.  What a nasty illness to have.  Needless to say, I do think that I am on the up and up.  I am having to take these horsepill size antibiotics and I am not having any kissey kissey moments with my husband or sweet cheek baby!  So sad!!

Besides the sickness, we have had a few other things go down at casa de Foresee.  After letting our laundry pile up to a small hill in the laundry room, I decided to tackle our laundry.  It was really a mess and started to smell (so gross, but just being honest).  So, I washed load 1 of 26, went to transfer it into the dryer.  I throw in the dryer sheet, shut the door, turn knob to 60 minutes, press start, and press start, and press start.  Humm---  the dryer died.  What a fiasco.  I am trying not to be a Negative Nora, so all I could do was laugh (it was not a loud laugh because it hurts my throat to laugh but a laugh).  I called Aron (while at work) to let him know about our costly loss and he just sat quietly.  He said, "alright, well I think that dryers are cheaper than washers."  That is a great way to look at it honey.  Yesterday, we headed out to Lowe's and purchased a newby, and I like it a lot.  It is a Whirlpool dryer.  Not the cheapest and not the most expensive, but it dries.  BONUS!!

Momma and I had been painting her kitchen earlier this week.  Lets just say that we "had been" painting, she may have to call in back up to correct what we have done.  I will post pics next week.

This past Tuesday, on the 23rd, it was my MamMaw's birthday.  I really spent that day just thinking of all of the fun times that I ever had with her:  When we would go on vacations, she would wake up super early and make a bazillion waffles (that girl could whip out some stuff), the time I was mauled by a jellyfish and she poured everything but the kitchen sink on my leg to try to take the sting out (really, she poured:  dawn soap, windex, comet, benadryl, water, lemon juice, then she said, all this together could be flamable?)  I would take her and PapPaw McDonald's breakfast some mornings.  I would call her and ask cooking questions (did not do that very much since she told me that a meatloaf would cook at 300 degrees for 30 minutes...try it sometime if you like a rare cold loaf!BLAH) We would watch crazy medical shows or Dancing With the Stars and call each other during the commercials to discuss what had just happened.  She was my everyday phone call, and it would crack me up everytime we would be in the middle of the conversation she would randomly say, "okay, alright, bye."  Just hang up!  She was a mess and we all just miss her madly!  I think of her so often, especially when the flowers in my beds begin to bloom (she helped me and Aron plant them or I got pulled them out from her flower beds).  Just love her so.

Girlfriend is cutting another tooth.  That will make it a mouthfull of 4.  How many teeth do we get?  (because the teething thing is not so much fun)  We are all getting through it.  She is just growing up so quickly.  I cannot believe that at this time last year I was hovering over a toliet.  Now, she is here, rolling everywhere, eating cheerios and fruitloops, wearing a size 4 diaper, and getting teeth.  God is just so amazing.  In a week, she will be 8 months old, it is so crazy.  I guess I may need to start planning a wonderful little soiree for her 1st birthday!!

So, this is all leading me to last nights comments.  Let me know your thoughts...

Picture it, Thursday evening.  Aron has just fed Sophia (he managed to get some in her mouth and a lot on the floor).  He is cleaning off her face, starting to put her jammies on, and we are both just talking about how lovely she is.  (Aron is just such a proud father.  Sophia is the light in his day.)  So, he is holding her, pulls her close, looks at me, and says..............."I am ready for another one."
Now, remember I am sick with the strep throat and I am being medicated and suffering from lack of sleep, and have been running a fever.
I turned my head very quickly and looked at him, to see if he would laugh and say, "NOT"
He says nothing, just looking and smiling at Sophia.
Then I realize what he is talking about, another dr pepper?
Me:  you need something else to drink?
Aron:  No, I am ready for another baby.
I am still just sitting there looking at him.
A few minutes went by...
So, I casually say, "are you serious, you really are ready for another baby?"
And, he said, "yes."

So, ladies and gentlemen, he said it, it is out there. 

Family and friends:  this does not mean that we are trying to have a baby.  I have strep throat for pitty sake, and that stuff is contagious.

So, when you and your partner started talking about a 2nd child: did you discuss it first? did it just happen?  had your partner been drinking (mine was not, just curious if yours was)? 

Love yal,



How "Sweet" it is... said...

I just love your posts, Caryn!! Your Mawmaw sounds like a very special lady and Sophia is just the CUTEST!! I hope you are on the mend soon.

Ella was 7 months when I found out I was pregnant again...needless to say, it was a TOTAL surprise. Of course I was happy, just needed some convincing. Then we found out it was twins...

Anonymous said...

im sure you miss your mawmaw!!!! i know what a special bond ya'll had! and you know she laughs at you daily :) you and the hubs should totally have another-ya'll are good baby makers ;) we talked a little about another baby before, wanted to wait til P was a little older and then ooppsie :) but its all good now in the hood, i wouldnt have it any other way!!! i miss you!

krateliff said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I guess I don't/can't have any advice on the whole timing of the second child thing, but a world with two mini Foresees is a better one! It would be so precious! See u guys soon!

Nancy Bane said...

I'll say this: We decided to start trying for baby #2 when Dalton had just turned 2. We didn't actually get pregnant until he turned 3. And he has been the BIGGEST helper with his little brother. It's nice to be able to say "Dalton, can you get me a bib?" And he actually can. Another nice thing is that he was potty trained by the time Jackson was born. I know I don't have to tell you how expensive diapers are! But I also wonder if the nearly 4 year age difference will drive them apart when they are older!!