Monday, March 8, 2010

Ummmm babysitter, you are so fired!!

So, I was trying to be the "little houswife that can do everything" before Aron came home from work.

Aron arrival time home:  4:17 p.m.

Time I am trying to do everything:  3:25 p.m.

This was the situation:

Ehhhhhh (this is the sound the dryer makes when the clothes are done drying), fold the clothes in the dryer, let dog out (he is doing the pee dance at the door), roll Sophia to her back because she is upset she cannot roll back over her toys in the floor, move wet clothes into the open dryer, wash new load, cut up onion, pepper, and celery (making chicken spagetti), let dog in (as if he even peed outside, but whatever), Sophia is upset again (go and sit her up) and sing a funny song while doing the African Ant Eater Ritual (hello, Can't Buy Me Love), forgot to close the washing machine so the clothes are just sitting in water, forgot to stir the veggies on the stove (burning smell, so gross), look outside (looks like rain), try to kill fly, answer phonecall (it is Honey), listen to stuff on t.v. (seriously, the Oscar's talk again), fold, put up towels, chop chicken......

Wait a second, why is everything so quiet?

Chip?  Chipper?? 
(Yes, it is odd that I am calling Chip's name, but this dog is kind of smart.  Ever heard of Lassie?  Well, Lassie would always run to the neighbors house and bark.  Somehow, the neighbor would know that something is not right (like Timmy fell into the well).  Lassie was like the "people whisperer"!  Okay, well Chip is not like that at all, but he definately will bark if Sophia is in a fix.)

Nothing... just silence.

So, I peak to the play area in the living room.  This is where Lovey lounges.

Let's play a game with the below photo, it is kind of like Where's Waldo? but Where's Sophia?
Do you see her underneath the coffee table??  Who is with her, the trusty sidekick, Chipper!

She totally loves this dog!

I guess it is time.  Sophia is finally on the move.  She may not be able to crawl or walk, but the girl can roll!!

Just thought I would post these photos, because they are so funny...

I put the hairbow on Sophia.  She hates it!
Me:  "Sophia, Mommy thinks this bow looks so pretty with your outfit!"
Sophia:  wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me:  "Honey, you are just such a pretty girl!  Please, smile for Momma and I will take off the hairbow!!"
Sohpia:  Wah hu hu wuuuah(gasping for a breath)
Love you!

Have a great day yal!!



Anonymous said...

CUTEEEEEE hairbow!!! parker loves harley, our little chihahuah (uh, pretty sure i got a F in spelling) but harley doesnt really feel the love....but boomer on the other hand, perfect pair. :)

Jennifer said...

Talk about a cutie pie!! She looks so adorable in that first pic under the table :)

Anonymous said...

You got her to smile!!! The bow is so totally worth it!!!

Lindsey Petersen