Saturday, May 5, 2012

B... R... A...Y...I don't know Momma

The A, B, C song has become a regular tune in our house lately.  Last week, I really introduced the letter A to Sophia.  Letting her do color sheets, talking about things and foods that begin with the letter A, playing with magnets.... just "playing school".  A few weeks ago, I bought these sponge bathtub letters from Wal-Mart, stuck some Velcro sticky dots on them and stuck them to the back of our small chalkboard.  I really wanted Lil Red to see the letters as we would sing the letters.  I think that the kids really just enjoy pulling the letters off of the board and trying to peel of the Velcro and stick it to their clothes, but whatev.  At least I have them playing with letters. HA!
Well, yesterday, Red was sitting at the table painting, and the Bear was sitting in his highchair.  I gave him a sticker and a piece of paper.  Sophia tried to swipe it from him, so I told her this is Bub's paper.  Then to further show her it was his, I wrote his name with a crayon onto the paper.  BIG letters, B-R-A-Y-D-E-N
She, my Lil Red, looked at the paper and said, "B-R-A-Y."
I started to clap and say that she is so smart and clap some more then I did some jumping!
She looked at me, mad that I interrupted this genius moment of hers.
So, I said, "well, what is this next letter?" (pointing to the D)
Girlfriend looks at me and says, "I don't know Momma, I done with that."
Humf.  Alrighty then.
Friends, she knows some letters!  She is picking something up!  It is sinking in!
Hooray for tiny tot university!

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