Monday, May 7, 2012

I going to see the a-maminals!!

 Let me translate, for those of you that do not speak "Sophia".  "I am going to see the animals!"  This was the constant phrase last Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  I drove the family wagon over to the, Gentry Safari.  We spent the morning feeding animals, kangaroo hoppin', snake wranglin', goat chasin', monkey watchin', and everything else that you could ever think of doing while on a safari!  It was a fun time showing the kids the animals and being with family.
I've never met a stranger.  I am a talker and I love to visit with anyone!  My most favorite type of people to start up a conversation with are people that are holding an animal... or a boa constrictor!  Yes, this is me sitting next to a snake.  I even pet the thang!  I am officially a snake wrangler!!
While driving at the safari, you could sometimes run into a roadblock.  When this happens, you sit in the car, sometimes honk the horn (this only upsets some animals and makes them approach your car), you update your Facebook status and ask for assistance, and you munch on snacks.  This made for an interesting few minutes.  Since Richard, my brother, would not get out of the car to lure the animals off of the beaten path, I did what any country girl would do drove around them, through their pasture!
Yes, all that separated us was that metal fence.  We weren't scared at all!
geese crossing the path to get to the waterin' hole.  It was filled with deer and buffalo!
such a peaceful place for the animals to be
the alligator pond.  I found it a little bit questionable that the alligator enclosure was also home to about 7 miniature ponies (humm?)
the zebras.  If we would have disobeyed the rules and rolled down the windows we could have pet them for sure!
my precious cargo
Baby Bear and the Baby Tortoise
She could not believe how small it was!  The tortoise was a year old!
Annalee the lion tamer!
scoping out the Emu
The peacocks just roam all around.
Look out Jane Goodall
Mercedees and Sophia
She was not so sure about these goats, and they were not too sure about her!
She found safety with Mercedees!
Poor brother!  We tossed all of the bread to him since the goats were rushing us, then they bombarded him!
Big ole girl!
Kangaroo watching, yes we were standing that close to them!

If you live in NW Arkansas, this place is so much fun.  I suggest you bring hand sanitizer, snacks for yourself because the drive through can take about 40 minutes (so much to see), bring bread from home and you can feed the animals (in the petting zoo part), and go in the morning (this is when many of the animals are being fed and it is not hot yet so they are out walking around and not sitting in the shade resting!)  For sure to be a fun morning for you!

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