Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thought Dump

This post will serve as a dumping ground for all of my thoughts today.  Enjoy.
1.  Lil Red started driving.  I know, the girl has just grown up so fast.  It seems like yesterday she was just a wee babe all bundled up in my arms, and now, she drives.

She and her Bu-bu just go a cruising.
2.  I keep having the strangest dreams, and yes, I am the person that wakes up and then will go online to find out what the dream means.  As of lately, they are just getting to nutzo to even research so I will just blog about them and let you be the judge.
Dream last night:  I had a baby (not sure where the original 2 were in the dream, but I had this new baby).  It was a boy (awe, a lil boy)!  Well, I took that baby on our family vacation and pretty much ignored it.  I remember being upset in my dream that I could not go swimming or take a shower, finally I was walking around our hotel and just saw the baby laying on the bed (I know, not even in a crib on the bed!)  Then I was like.. omgosh!  That is my baby, and I have not fed it or changed his diaper.  So, I started to change his diaper and then he started peeing everywhere and it would not stop.  What does that even mean?  So incredibly strange!  Side note, the pee was so much in the dream that I woke up so frazzled and it was pouring rain.
Dream a few nights ago:  I was in college and made it through the whole semester and it turns out that the whole time I had completely forgotten to attend a class!  Major FAIL!  Then I would try to drop the class and I could not because it was too late to drop.  Needless to say, I needed to take the class in order to graduate, but since I never went, I never graduated from college.  Just pitiful!
Last week dream:  I was just hanging out with a group of people talking and the people left me alone to talk to a raccoon. 
Yes, we just sat there and chatted it up like it was no big deal.  So weird.
About once a week I have a dream where I am in high school and I go to my locker and I cannot remember the combination to my lock.  So, I stand there keep messing with the lock and entering different combinations, and nothing ever works.  Then I have to go to the office and ask for the combination.  They always make a big deal that I cannot remember what it is.  So they make me write it down.  The numbers always stick out to me Left 42 Right 13 Left 33  What does that even mean?
Generally, most dreams are about me forgetting things and babies!  So stressful.
3.  I am still reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  So intense.  I am on the 3rd book, the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  Lisbeth Slander, you are a mess, but I love you!  Has anyone else read these books?  Mind blowing and they are FA-REEKING me out!  So invested that I must keep reading them!

4.  I have watched Desperate Housewives since the beginning, and I am so sad that it is ending.  There are only 2 episodes left.  So, does anyone out there still watch that show?  It has gotten a little crazy with the story line, but I guess since it almost over, I gotta stick it out and see how they clean up the storyline.  One thing I must say, I hope that Lynette and Tom Scavo get back together.  If they leave that couple to get divorced I will probably write a letter!  I just think that they belong together.  They already killed off Mike so Susan is alone, so do a long time watcher a favor... make the Scavo's a couple once again!!

5.  One show that has come back, New Jersey Housewives.  Geez Louise at the drama!  Please tell me that you are watching!  The Bravo channel can definitely bring out the crazies!
my picture is messed up, hopefully you are aware of these women!  Put them on you DVR, ya won't regret it!
6.  I was going through somethings this morning, and came across some old pictures.  Some things that I am for sure of now:  overalls are not a good look for me, sometimes smiling in pictures is okay.... you need not make crazy faces every time a photo is taken.  If you do, you will only have nutty photos of yourself to review when you get older., brushing my hair out was never a good idea (never!), and I am so appreciative of my parents for giving me the gift of braces.  My teeth were wicked crazy, and there were so many of them and they were even growing in different directions.  Thank you to my parents and to Dr Mahon.  (FYI, my teeth were so whacked that the dentist had them framed and hanging in his office.  I guess it was a good before and after shot.)
7.  What does your play list on your IPOD sound like?
Today, I listened to Chaka Kahn (I Feel for You), Casting Crowns, Jake Owen, country hottie (Alone with You) , Kary White (Romantic) this is an old school song I just heard on 90210 the other day so it is a must for my IPOD, Vanessa Williams (Dreamin') and Laughter in the Rain by Neil Sedaka (I heard it in an elevator and remembered I love it)!  Just trying to say my music selection is cocoloco!
8.  Jessica Simpson had her baby, Maxwell Drew.  What a precious name for a girl (bet it becomes super popular now!)  That is so wonderful, seeing as how I feel like she has been preggo for FOR-EV-ER!
Bless her heart y'all!  She delivered a 9 pound baby!  I woulda left it in me!!
9.  It is official.  The weather in AR is getting hot out there.  This means that I am going to be retiring my blue jeans and other pants.  Bring it on shorts and sundresses.  With the shortness in length on my clothing, I am aware that I am so pale.  Bright white.  Glowing.  I think I am going to get a spray tan or mystic tan or something like that.  My friend, Amanda, went and had this done and she looked like she had just been lounging around on the beach all day.  I am thinking of checking that out.  I will post an update after the fact.  Sounds pretty easy, undress, place foot 1 here and foot 2 there arm up and arm up then spray, then turn and repeat. 
Surely I can handle that, but then again, maybe not so much. Hopefully, I will not end up looking like Ross from Friends when he went and got sprayed!
That is all for today!


MeTheMama said...

Ok, the baby dream always means that the baby represents a change in your life and how you treat it/handle it is how you feel about the change. I have dreams like that ALL the time!!
i also have the school dream all the time too! So i wanna know what that one means ;)

Lindsay said...

I love your random thoughts posts. They make me smile. I'm jealous of you having dreams. I don't sleep long enough to get to that stage of REM where dreams happen. No wonder I look and talk like a crazy person!! My cousin in Texas knows a lot about dreams. I'll send her to your blog and see what she says.

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

Call me before you go tan and I will give you my tips.

Angie said...

I always love these brain dumps! Little Red is so precious. She's a big girl now cruising around in her Barbie Car :) I have some really odd dreams from time to time. When I first got pregnant they were really frequent & really weird. I googled them too! I've never had a spray tan but my daughter and her friend did. It looked great till it started fading. She was all blotchy then. I didn't care much for it so I've never attempted it. I'm using Jergens lotion right now to add some color and it seems to be working. Since I can't use the tanning bed I don't wanna walk around being seriously pale white!!!